Where Is Todd McShay? His Personal Life, Health, Details

The ESPN Draft Analyst Is Not Reporting Today

Todd McShay is a football analyst and commentator who is recently not seen working together with Mel Kiper this weekend.

The football analyst and commentator Todd McShay is also a senior writer at ESPN, and he is pumped up as the NFL Draft 2022 is approaching near.

He has made predictions for Round one of the coming NFL draft, and he has released the final 2022 Mock Draft. His predictions are based on what he thinks a team will do.

Where Is Todd McShay?


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Todd McShay is currently working as the ESPN draft analyst and commenter. He has recently released his prediction for the round one 2022 NFL Draft happening this coming Thursday.

He also has picked the top-5 picks for the 2022 NFL Draft, and he feels great about all of them except CB Stingley to Houston at No. 3.

He went to the North Shore Christian School and then Swampscott High School. In high school, he used to play the quarterback for the Big Blue. He attended the University of Richmond and played as a scout team quarterback for Spiders, but a back injury ended his college football career.

He graduated with a B.A. from the Jepson School of Leadership Studie in 1999 and worked as an undergraduate team equipment manager at the University.

ESPN Draft Analyst Todd McShay Illness And Health Issues


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Todd McShay had taken some time away from his work on September 7, 2021. He said through a tweet that he was taking a time off to focus on his health and family

He is believed to take a break from his illness, but details regarding it were not disclosed by the analyst himself. He appeared sluggish during the show, and many viewers believed that he was having drug and alcohol addiction problems.

What Happened to Todd McShay?

Todd McShay is healthy and is doing his work as a football analyst and commentator. He seems to be actively voicing his forecasts about the draft and is active on his Twitter about it.

Many people didn’t see him along with the Mel Kiper this weekend which made people believe something might have happened but the reason was Mel’s COVID-19 vaccination status.

In a tweet, he addressed that he hadn’t taken vaccination due to his health issues. So, he is not able to attend the draft in person in Las Vegas.

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