Where Is Parnell Steven Stayner Today? Hulu’s Audience Revisits The Child Abuse

Kenneth Parnell kidnapped Steven Gregory Stayner

Child molester Kenneth Parnell kidnapped Steven Gregory Stayner when he was just 7 on December 4, 1972, in Merced, California. Stayner’s abductor held him captive until he was 14 years old.

At the time, Steven managed to flee with Parnell another victim Timothy White. Stayner sadly passed away in a motorcycle accident when he was returning home from his work in 1989.

People have been looking up the tragic case of Stayner and his abductor who approached the little 7-years old when he was walking home from the highway.
Where Is Steven Stayner Kidnapper Parnell Today?
Steven Stayner has already died in 2008 when he was facing the sentence of 25 years in jail in the attempt of trying to buy a young child.

His dark criminal history came to the light after he was arrested. He was sent to prison in the early 1950s for abusing an 8-years old. Later on, in 1982, he was convicted of kidnapping Steven and Timothy. At the time, Parnell was sentenced to seven years in prison, five of which he completed before being released on parole.

When he got out in the open, he started his old habits once again. After the release, he moved to San Francisco, California, where he tried to buy a young African-American child.

Authorities immediately arrested him after Diane Stevens, the sister of his nanny complained about it to the Police.
What Happened To Steven Stayner Kidnapper Parnell?
Steven Stayner’s kidnapper Kenneth Parnell was 76 years old when he died due to natural causes. He was at the California Medical Facility in Vacaville, California, when he took his last breath on January 21, 2008. As per the Oxygen, he was facing jail time at the time of his death in the hospital. During his lifetime, he was in and out of the jail many times.

A prosecutor Tim Wellman once stated that he had been a danger to the children all his life. His crime only came to the light when Steven escaped with Parnell’s other victim.

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Was Kenneth Parnell On Jail?
Kenneth Parnell was serving jail time when he took his last breath in the state prison hospital.

In 1981, he served five years in prison after being convicted of two boys. Afterward, in 2003, authorities again arrested him for the connection of kidnapping when he tried to buy a young boy.

In 2004, Parnell was sentenced to a lifetime in prison which was one of the harshest sentencing at the time.

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