Where Is Dickie Chivell From Shark Week From? Wikipedia Age and Net Worth

Dickie Chivell is a South African nature conservationist specializing in marine wildlife and sharks who is featured on the TV show Shark Week, and fans are keen to know more about the conservationist.

Every year, the Discovery Channel airs a week-long TV programming block called Shark Week that focuses on shark-related programs. The first episode of Shark Week aired on July 17, 1988.

It was originally focused on conservation efforts and dispelling misunderstandings about sharks. It gained traction and became a success on the Discovery Channel over time. The longest-running cable television programming event in history has been airing since 2010.

He is a skilled captain, a certified commercial diver, and a scuba diving teacher, and he has passed his tour guide training. He has extensive knowledge of the Marine Big Five of the Dyer Island Nature Reserve in Gansbaai, South Africa, and is a fervent conservationist.

Where Is Dickie Chivell From Shark Week From? Wikipedia Details

Dickie Chivell, a nature conservationist specializing in marine wildlife and sharks from Shark Week, is from South Africa. However, he does not have a Wikipedia page.

He has assisted The Dyer Island Conservation Trust with white shark tagging and tracking along with marine biologist Alison Towner. He is a true advocate for marine conservation.

Dickie has taken a quick course in video journalism and is an expert marine life photographer. He’s working in Saudi Arabia now to preserve, restore, and conserve the beautiful Red Sea and coastline.

Dickie Chivell Age and Net Worth Explored

The age of Dickie Chivell, a certified commercial diver, is 29 years old. He was born on February 12, 1993, in South Africa. He has an estimated net worth of around $380,000. 

Dickie has worked with Grey Whales in Baja for a while, filmed in New Zealand with Discovery, and visited a number of other shark hotspots, including California and Guadalupe.

His appearance on Shark Week from 2014 to 2016 changed his life, especially because of the opportunity to work alongside Chris Fallows, Jeff Kurr, and Andy Brandy Casagrande.

He oversees numerous initiatives to protect marine life and is involved in a number of TV shows. He is active on Instagram under the handle @dickie_chivell has over 14.9 k followers on Instagram and is active there.

Dickie Chivell’s Biography And Family Life: Is He Married?

Dickie Chivell is in a romantic relationship with his girlfriend Anthea Wright. However, they are not married yet. The pair began dating in April 2018. Anthea is a supporter of the environment and is presently pursuing her FAGASA marine guide certification in South Africa.

The name of Dickie’s mother is Linda. She works at Whale Watchers Hermanus as their social media director and at Jaydee Media Digital Marketing & Web Design as their online marketing strategist.

In addition, Linda oversees social media for Great White Shark Tours. Sanchia Chivell is the name of his sister. However, information regarding his father isn’t available in the press. Dickie and his mother are currently residents of Gansbaai in the Western Cape.

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