Where Is ‘Dexter Killer’ Mark Twitchell Now? Murder Case With A Crazy Motive

The Dexter Killer Has Looked Into Twitchell’s Criminal Profile

In early 2011, Mark Twitchell faced charges of the first-degree murder for killing John Brian Altinger. The public’s attention drew to him after he was allegedly known to be inspired by Dexter Morgan, a fictional character. 

Following the murder of a 38-years-old man in 2008, an American documentary TV show, 48 hours, featured the crime story. Troy Roberts, a 48 hours contributor, gets a peek into the infamous criminal mind. 

which airs on CBS and Paramount+ on 23 April.

Where Is Mark Twitchell Now In 2022? 

Mark Twitchell got sentenced to life in prison in 2011, with no possibility of parole for 25 years. In 2022, he faces jail time in Saskatchewan Federal Penitentiary, a maximum-security area.

He got convicted of the crime of killing a 38-years man John Brian Altinger, in October 2008. Mark was known for luring the victim into the garage, stabbing, and dismembering him.

With the murder story featured on the 48 hours documentary show, the infamous killer has come to the flash again. As mentioned by HUFFPOST in 2013, he was able to watch the TV show behind the bars that inspired him to murder.

Moreover, the 48-hour revealed that Steve Lillebuen, an investigative journalist and MacEwan University Professor, got a call from the jailhouse when he was about to write a book on the Dexter-obsessed murderer.

Lillebuen stated, “He just said straight out, ‘If you’re gonna be writing a book about me, you might as well come straight to the source.”

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Mark Twitchell Aka Dexter Killer Murder Mystery

The Dexter Killer is airing on the CBS 48 Hours, based on Mark Twitchell, an infamous murderer, and a wannabe serial. The horrifying murder mystery got solved with him getting arrested in 2010.

Furthermore, the CBS TV show covered the details, peeking into the murderer’s mind. He was a Canadian filmmaker, well-known for directing the fan film Star Wars: Secrets of the Rebellion in 2007.

Twitchell’s first targeted victim was Gilles Tetreault, who luckily managed to escape. However, the second victim was not lucky enough and died after getting lured to the garage.

Mark Twitchell’s Wife And His Daughter Chloe’s Status Today

Mark Twitchell’s former wife, Jess, and their daughter, Chloe, remain out of media light in today’s time. The ex-couple got separated after his arrest following the 2008 murder.

He was previously married to his first wife, an American woman, Megan Casteralla. The couple was married in 2001 and soon separated after four years.

Their status and whereabouts have been out of the media reach; in the present day.

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