Where Is Charles Jordan Now? Is He Still Alive? All details

Wynonna Judd Father And Naomi Judd Ex Partner

Many fans may indeed be unaware that Wynonna Judd’s biological father was Charles Jordan, who passed away on August 10, 2000.

Charles Jordan is best known for being the father of Wynonna Judd and Naomi Judd’s ex-partner. His ex-partner, Naomi Judd, was an American-born singer and actress who built a name for herself in country music with her daughter Wynonna, as they were both entered into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

The Judds’ band was a mother-daughter duo who performed together. Their music traveled across the country, but they had to break up the band after Naomi was diagnosed with Hepatitis C.

Wynonna Judd Father Now: Is Charles Jordan Still Alive?


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Wynonna Judd’s father, Charles Jordan, died on August 10, 2000.

She was given the last name Ciminella after Michael Ciminella, the man her mother married instantly after being left by her boyfriend and Judd’s biological father, Charles Joran. While growing up, Wynonna didn’t find out about her biological father and assumed her father was Michael Charles Ciminella, the biological father of her half-sister Ashely.Naomi  Michael in haste in 1964, the year Wynonna was born. In 1968, Michael and Naomi welcomed their first child, Ashley.

In the early 1990s, Wynonna discovered that her father was a man named Charles Jordan. Her biological father was never met by the country singer. She told Larry King in a 2005 interview that she had planned to meet him approximately a month before his death in 2000, but never got the chance.

Furthermore, Michael and Naomi Judd divorced in 1972, and as a single mother, Naomi raised Wynonna and Ashley on her own.

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Charles Jordan Age & Wiki


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Charles Jordan, the biological father of Wynonna, passed away at the age of 56. Unfortunately, information regarding Charles Jordan’s early and professional life is lacking. He is only notable because of his well-known wife and daughter, whom he abandoned years ago.

Charles Jordan Family: Everything On Wife and Daughter

Naomi and Charle Jordan met in high school while they were both students at Ashland High School. While Naomi was still a teenager, she was in a relationship with Charles. She was only eighteen years old when she gave birth to Wynonna Judd, the couple’s first child.

However, she raised her daughter on her own after Charles abandoned her. As seen by their successful music careers, Wynonna and her mother had a close relationship. But, sadly, recently has left Wynonna heartbroken, and many people have come forward to express their condolences to her and her family.

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