Where Is Amy Bosley Now? All details

Is She Still In Prison?

An update has come on Amy Bosley’s case, which says that she will be released on May 18, 2022, on parole. She was incarcerated after she was found guilty in the murder case of her husband.

Let’s find out more about the convicted murderer.

Bobby Bosley was a successful man and was widely recognized in the community. No one could even imagine that he will be murdered that too by his wife. People were shocked to hear this devastating news.

There was also a petition going on to reject her parole because people believe she is a murderer and should not be allowed to come out of prison without serving her sentence completely. The petition has 806 signatures so far.

Where Is Amy Bosley Now?

As of now, Amy is in prison serving her sentence of 20 years after she was found guilty of the murder of her husband Bobby. It was reported that she murdered Bobby, and she staged it to be done by somebody else.

However, after a thorough investigation, police found out that she was the murderer as the weapon of the murder was found from her. She then took a plea deal that noted she will be prisoned for 20 years.

This action ruined the entire Bosley family. Since this incident occurred in 2005, she was supposed to be incarcerated till 2025. She has been despised by many people.

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Amy Motive Behind Her Husband Bobby’s Murder

The reason Amy committed the gruesome murder of her husband is that she wanted to hide the illegitimacy she was committing with tax money for her husband’s roofing business. She reportedly had committed a crime of $1.7 million.

Her husband was oblivious to all of her actions. However, the revenue department found out and came in to meet with her. To avoid meeting them and hide her crime, she decided to commit another crime.

She thought if she murders her husband the investigation about tax will be hindered, and no one will find out about her fraud. Sadly, her greed cost her husband’s life and her kids their happiness.

Amy Bosley Parole Update – Is She Still In Prison?

Amy has been announced to be released on parole on May 18, 2022. There have been many oppositions to this decision, especially from Bobby’s family, who do not want her near kids.

Kentucky law allows violent offenders to be eligible for parole after they have served 85% of their sentence, and that is a reason Amy has been announced t be getting parole.

People will have to wait and find out whether people opposing her parole will be successful to reverse it or not.

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