Where Are Jonah Keri & WIfe Amy Kaufman Today? Domestic

Jonah Keri & WIfe Amy Kaufman Update

Many people believe Amy Kaufman is Jonah Keri’s wife. However, she isn’t.

The Los Angeles Times’ Senior Entertainment EditorWriter Amy Kaufman was one of the most prominent columnists who discussed the rise of domestic brutality in sports.

She also mentioned that predators like Jonah Keri go uncovered due to the efforts of numerous people to defend people like Keri.

Despite this, Kaufman has no connection to Jonah. She is one of several who has chastised Kaufman for his unfit behavior.

Jonah Keri is currently facing 13 criminal accusations, including domestic violence and child abuse allegations.

The personality of his wife has never been disclosed on the internet. They were expecting a child, but it’s unclear whether Keri’s wife gave birth to the baby.

Jonah Keri: Domestic Abuse & Arrest Charges

Between July 5, 2018, and January 27, 2019, Jonah Keri, 47, admitted to 14 acts of domestic abuse against his ex-wife.

In late 2019, he was detained three times. According to reports, the alleged assaults occurred between July 2018 and July 2019. On July 18, 2019, the journalist was detained and granted bail the next day.

Then, on November 27, 2019, he was arrested for the second time, and then on December 10, 2019, he was arrested for the third time.

He has also been accused of criminal offenses. They included punching and beating their wife in the face, threatening to remove their unborn child from her body with a kitchen knife, and warning her he would throw her from a balcony.

Moreover, Keri reportedly admitted to warning his wife that if she ever told her brother or father about the violence, he would kill them. He threatened to crash the automobile they were driving on two counts.

The case will be heard in court again in late November.Keri’s lawyer, Jefferey Boro, portrayed him in court as a successful and well-known guy in Montreal who lost his sportswriting job after being arrested.

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Is Jonah Keri In Jail?

Journalist Jonah Keri, who previously worked for Sports Illustrated, Grantland, and The Athletic, is behind jail after being convicted of 21 months in prison for assaulting his pregnant ex-wife.

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