What Surgery Has Nikita Jasmine Had? All details

Celebs Go Dating Star Shares Pain And Before-After Photos

Nikita Jasmine, star of Celebs Go Dating, has disclosed a concerning sign she had after undergoing a mysterious surgery.

Nikita Jasmine, a 27-year-old sales associate from County Durham, rose to popularity after appearing on Married At First Sight UK.

She even has an OnlyFans website and works as a lingerie model for the Belle Ragazza underwear line.

Furthermore, Nikita Jasmine, the star of Celebs Go Dating, has caused ripples on the internet with her latest Instagram story, in which she describes her suffering after undergoing a secret operation.

“I’m awake, but really sore and so very exhausted,” the TV personality stated in a series of photos shared on her Instagram stories.

So, what surgery did she undergo?

Celebs Go Dating Nikita Jasmine Mystery Surgery

It’s unclear what procedure Nikita Jasmine had in the hospital this week.

The 27-year-old, however, has already spoken openly about her cosmetic surgery before becoming famous on E4’s Married At First Sight.She’s undergone three full-body liposuction procedures, two breast jobs, a Brazilian bum lift, and nose surgery.

The E4 personality also stated that she had her teeth whitened, before claiming that she is “not a plastic Barbie doll.

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Nikita Jasmine Before And After Surgery Photos

Looking at Nikita’s Instagram feed, it’s easy to notice how her look has evolved over time, such as her curvier physique. Furthermore, Jasmine’s before and after photos reveal a significant alteration in her features.

Similarly, her cheeks and jaw are substantially bigger, which might be the result of cheek and jaw filler. In contrast, her lips also appear to have been filled in, since they are considerably fuller.Furthermore, Nikita’s face looks to be more defined on the whole. Her cheeks and jawline were not as prominent in May 2020 as they are today.

What Happened To Her?

After undergoing clandestine surgery, Nikita Jasmine has admitted to followers that she is ‘feeling the agony.’

Nikita, who rose to popularity on E4’s Married At First Sight UK, kept fans updated on her progress but didn’t reveal what procedure she was undergoing.She did concede, though, that she had low blood pressure, which caused her to spend more time in the hospital than usual.

Doctors were battling to keep Nikita’s blood pressure under control following the procedure, she claimed, a few hours later.

Moreover, she shared a photo of herself in a hospital gown in front of a mirror, showing off her flat stomach.

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