What Illness Does Paul Merton Have? His Health Condition, Biography, Net Worth Details

Who Is Paul Merton?

Paul James Martin, often known as Paul Merton, is an English writer, actor, comedian, and radio and television host. Known for his ability to improvise, his wit is based on deadpan, bizarre, and occasionally dark comedy.

Paul has had some unpleasant situations in his life, despite a life filled with making people laugh on the BBC One program. One of them was that his second wife died of cancer barely 12 weeks after they married. Another happened just as his career was getting started.

Therefore, he had a nervous breakdown at this critical moment. Since the event was so serious, he was referred to a mental institution in Camberwell, South London.

Fans are intrigued about Paul Merton’s condition, which landed him in the Maudsley Mental Institution for six weeks.

What Illness Does Paul Merton Have? Health Problem And Sickness 

Due to sickness, Paul Merton has withdrawn from the episode of Have I Got News For You. A renal illness has struck the comedian and team captain, 51. Frank Skinner, a stand-up comedian, will take his position on the topical panel program.

“Paul enjoyed filming the program and fought very hard not to take the day off,” a source told The Sun.

“Although it was an only a mild infection, he was unable to tape the show due to his illness. Thankfully, Frank stepped in, allowing Paul to stay at home and relax.”

Merton left the program during the eleventh season in 1996 but returned later, stating that it had been given a “shot in the arm” while he was gone.

Critics, other comedians, and audiences have named him among Britain’s finest comedians. He’s also a member of the Comedy Store’s Comedy Store Players.

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What Happened To Paul Merton?

Paul Merton had a mental collapse twenty-four years ago, just as his career was taking off, and spent two months in Maudsley psychiatric hospital in Camberwell, South London.

Since the late 1980s, Paul Merton has been a radio host. He’s been on The Big Fun Show, Just a Minute, and I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue, among other shows.

Paul has established himself as a skilled comic writer in addition to acting on television. Thank God You’re Here, Paul Merton’s Life of Comedy, and The Smith and Jones Sketchbook are his many works.

Where Is Paul Merton Now?

In 1996, Paul Merton took a vacation from the program, claiming that he had grown “extremely wary” of it and that it had “stuck in a rut.” During his absence, his role was filled by famous visitors, with Merton himself joining Hislop’s crew as a guest.

In 1988, the British Comedy Award winner made his television debut with a regular position on the improved comedy show Whose Line Is It Anyway?

He has been on other television shows since then, including Room 101 and The One Show. Paul has also appeared in Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle, Terry and Julian, and One Foot in the Grave.

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