What Happened To The Former Titans Player Frank Wycheck? Health Update Of 104.5 The Zone Host

As the former tight end for the Titans and Oilers has not been seen in the media for a while, his supporters are attempting to learn more about him. In addition, since he hadn’t received any recent updates regarding his health, people were curious.

People are interested to know how the other hosts are doing in the wake of the passing of Mark Howard, his former co-host and co-colleague at 104.5 The Zone.

The former player, however, has other ideas, and after passing away, he wants to donate his brain to the Concussion Legacy Foundation for research.

Frank Wycheck

104.5 The Zone Host Frank Wycheck Health Update- How Is His Condition?

After taking a sabbatical from football due to a concussion and health difficulties, Frank Wycheck began broadcasting.

He began hosting his show on WGFX 104.5 in 2001 and remained there till his retirement. After learning of the passing of his former “The Zone” co-host Mark Howard, his followers are currently concerned and seeking an update on his condition.

The former athlete also appears to be highly active on Twitter, but no postings have been published recently, which may have led his supporters to learn about his medical situation.

He was honest about the difficulties his medical condition caused him. Then, according to Williamson Home Page, he learned that he may have chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) in 2019.

Additionally, he had been transparent about the concussions he had sustained while playing football, estimating the number of hits since he began playing the game. The former tight end for the Tennessee Titan and Houston Oilers further stated that such strikes could result in migraines, anxiety, and even melancholy.

What Happened To The Former Titans Player Frank Wycheck?

According to ESPN, Frank Wycheck suffered from migraines for a considerable amount of time, which he attributes to head trauma and concussions.

Later, as a result of those strikes, he also has anxiety and depression, which necessitates the use of antidepressants.

Frank, a former tight end with the Tennessee Titans, said he had been playing since he was a young child. The former footballer believes that he collided 297k times throughout his playing career, which lasted from the time he started playing at age five to the time he retired at age 33. He then claims to have experienced roughly 25 concussions.

Despite these health issues, he insisted that playing football would not impact his life. He stated that if his medical advisor and the commissioner hadn’t lied, he would have loved to advance in sports and join the squad.

Frank Wycheck Career Earnings And Net Worth In 2022-

If Frank had not been forced to change his work at a young age, he would have amassed an astounding amount of riches.

However, throughout the course of his nearly ten-year career, his earnings have accrued, and given that he earned his contract value after retiring due to injury, his estimated net worth is around $10 million.

The athlete has also given the Oilers and Titans’ Ring of Honor their names.

He also played professionally for about ten years, making his debut in 1993 after being selected by the Washington Redskins. He later signed with the Houston Oilers in 1995 before moving on to the Tennessee Titans.

He returned to professional wrestling in 2007 after Total Nonstop Action Wrestling revealed his contest with James Storm. On Slammiversary, the former football player and Jerry Lynn defeated Storm.

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