What Happened To Scarlett Rivera? Bronx Missing Cause Update

Scarlett Rivera is a 13 years old girl from the Bronx,

NY, who went missing on Tuesday, 19 April 2022. Besides, a Bronx family was frantically looking for his daughter and a foster child in his care after they didn’t come home from school Tuesday.

Moreover, Enrique Rivera, Scarlett’s father, said Scarlett and her friend, Mariah Sanchez, called him Tuesday afternoon, a bit later than their usual after-school call.

According to the sources, two girls got out at 1:00,” Enrique Rivera said. “They decided to hang out. However, their normal time of getting out is 3:20 p.m.”

Bronx Missing Update – Scarlett Rivera Is Still Missing


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Scarlett Rivera’s missing case has been circulating over the media sources, and many people are sharing the news to make others aware and help their family to find her.

Along with Rivera, her friend Mariah Sanchez also 13, went missing from yesterday. We came to know the youngsters planned to hang out after school, and they went out at 1:00 from the school.

Well, we do not have any new updates regarding the case. Therefore, we cant verify if they have been found yet. Furthermore, none of the official sites have covered the news regarding the case.
In addition to this, police sources and family, and friends of the missing girls are trying their best to reach out to them. So, we hope both the teenagers are safe and will be found as soon as possible.

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Scarlett Rivera Is Reported To Be 13 Years Old


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If you are a social media addict, you must be familiar with the latest news of two girls missing from their school. And one of them is Scarlett Rivera.

Their parents and relatives are worried and trying every aspect to find them. As per the sources, both Scarlett Rivera and Mariah Sanchez are 13 years old.

Likewise, the girls got off the bus at 161st Street by the courthouse,” Rivera’s father also added, “It was 4:39 p.m.” Rivera said another friend of the girls took pictures of them with two boys.

Moreover, the father said he was working as a porter at a building in upper Manhattan and considered the girls would reach him by bus. But what happened was beyond everyone’s expectations.

Scarlett Rivera Photos Are Available On The Social Medias Platform

We can also see Rivera’s family has shared her picture and necessary details in the media sources. We can follow the case on Facebook or other sources for more information.

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