What Happened To Miko? Miko Was Arrested, Bail Money And Net Worth

Miko is an Atlanta, Georgia-Famous Youtuber Success

Was popular YouTuber Miko Worldwide arrested? Here’s what we know regarding Mikos’ current situation.

Miko Worldwide is an Atlanta, Georgia-based Youtuber who started creating content on Youtube in 2019.

In such a short time, Miko has gained immense fame and has established himself as the number one Hood Vlogger on YouTube.

Why Was Miko Arrested?


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According to monkeyviral, Miko Worldwide, a YouTube travel blogger, was arrested in 2020 for allegedly molesting young boys.

The YouTuber was apprehended in Columbia after US authorities alerted the Columbian government to his criminal activities. Miko decided to travel through Latin America and make YouTube videos while on the run.

Mikos’ videos are extremely popular, with hundreds of thousands of views. And his viewers were taken aback when he heated up the news.

Columbian Prosecutor’s Office said that Mikos supplied narcotics to a minor and sexually abused him. He had left him tied on both feet and arms and had put him in the trunk of a car.

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What Was Miko Net Worth


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Miko Worldwide has a net worth of about $150,886 as per his earnings based on the reports by influencermarketinghub. 

The YouTuber has over 200,000 subscribers on his channel and his videos have millions of views. He earns about $285 per video according to data published by Influencer Marketing hub. 

Miko Charges Are Shocking

US authorities said that Miko was charged with multiple counts of molesting two boys in Georgia.

Right now, Miko released a series of videos titled “Wrongfully Arrested And Extradited,” where he has explained everything about the case.

You can watch the videos by visiting his YouTube profile. He has released two parts of the series and could release many more.

Miko Age How Old Is The YouTuber?

YouTuber Miko Worldwide seems to be around 20 to 25 years of age. 

Miko travels to various countries and documents his experiences. He began in 2019 and has been documenting and sharing every step of his journey with his viewers.

In the process, he has amassed millions of total views on his channel and is on the verge of reaching half a million subscribers.

Miko Real Name 

The real name of Miko Worldwide is Miko. However, to date, the YouTuber has not revealed his last name.

Miko has been called names and has received internet abuse as a result of his arrest. He, on the other hand, disputes the allegations and is attempting to return to YouTube with a bang.

Is Miko Available On Wiki? 

Miko Worldwide is currently unavailable on Wikipedia. However, he is available on Linkedin.

According to Mikos’ Linkedin, he is the sole founder of Miko Worldwide LLC. He has been running his YouTuber channel for over three months.

In terms of education, he attended Gwinnett Technical College and earned an Associate of Science degree. Under the subject, he had also studied Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Administration.

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