What Happened To Kathy Boudin And Where Is Her Husband David Gilbert Today? All details

Kathy Boudin And Where Is Her Husband David Gilbert Today?

Kathy Boudin’s husband, David Gilbert is currently out of prison and is living life as a free man now. Kathy’s sudden death has shocked people, and they are expressing condolence to her and her family.

Let’s find out more about the parents of D.A of San Francisco.

Boudin family has a long history of left-wing. Kathy was the daughter of Leonard Boudin, a lawyer who represented controversial clients like Judith Coplon. Her other family member also has been in a powerful position.

She spent a significant portion of her life in prison because of her involvement in the radical left organization Weather Underground, which led to a bank robbery that resulted in the death of two policemen and a security guard.

Kathy Boudin Husband David Gilbert Today

As of today, David is probably in New York mourning his wife’s death. He was also imprisoned for the same charges as his wife Kathy for involvement in the bank robbery. He was sentenced to 75 years in prison.

However, his incarceration fell short after he received a grant of clemency from Governor Andrew Cuomo. He received clemency on August 23, 2021, and was released from prison on November 4, 2021.

The couple fell in love in the 1970s and had their son Chesa in 1980. When the couple was arrested for their involvement in the robbery and murder, Chesa was just 14 months years old. Thus, the couple did not have a good time with their son.

Chesa was raised by former Weatherman leaders Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. Chesa grew up and had a great education from some of the top schools in the world. He has been elected as the DA of San Francisco.

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What Happened To Kathy Boudin? – Cause Of The Death

Kathy died recently on May 1; it was reported that she was battling cancer for around 7 years, so it is likely that this is the cause of her death. Her death was shocking to people, who have been following her work.

People have taken over the internet to express their condolences to the deceased woman and her family. Many people have come forward expressing their support for the San Francisco DA and his family.

After coming out of prison, she had been working at the prestigious Colombia University as an adjunct professor. She was a part of history and witnessed the United States, which was what people know today.

There are many articles and videos made about her. The documentary/ drama titled Underground can be watched to have inside the fight she was a part of.

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