What Happened To Joseph Day? Is NZ Citizen Missing From England? All details

NZ Citizen Missing From England – Age Photo

The disappearance of a New Zealand citizen in England has sparked widespread worry for his well-being, particularly among his fellow citizens. Let’s take a look at the article and see what happened to him specifically.

Joseph Day with his fiance lived on Pembroke Road, so, he would have been seen last time on foot in the Clifton neighborhood as his bike had been left at their apartment.

What Happened To Joseph Day? NZ Citizen Missing From England

Joseph Day, a former TVNZ camera operator has gone missing from England and it is suspected that he was in the Clifton area when he was last heard from at 9.30 p.m Saturday evening.His friends and relatives expressed their concern on social media, saying that it was out of character for Day to act in this manner as he used to communicate with his friends and family at all hours of the day and night.

In addition to a cap and a long wax black jacket, he is described as being approximately 5’11” tall, with tattoos on both arms. In an effort to track down a New Zealander who has gone missing in England, his friends and family have launched an appeal for assistance in finding him.

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Joseph Day Age And Photo: How Old Is He?

Joseph Day does not have a birthday listed on his Facebook profile so we are unable to know his exact age. On the other hand, we know through his Facebook profile that he is a graduate of Westlake Boys High School, where he graduated in 2008.It is known that he was engaged to Kelsey Mulcahy. He is also from the North Shore of New Zealand, where he grew up.So far, no other information on him has been discovered other than what is already known. His Facebook account, on the other hand, contains some photographs of him and his friends, which we can see.

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