What Happened To Elaine Park? His Murder Cause

Missing Update – Age And Suspected Murder Details

25-year-old Elaine Park has been missing since January 28, 2017, but her family and other people are still working actively to find Elaine. Here’s the latest update regarding Park.

Elaine Park is an American lady who is reported to be an aspiring actress. She made headlines on the internet after she went missing on January 28, 2017. The 5 feet 5 inches tall lady was last seen wearing a white sweatshirt and denim shorts, but she may be wearing gray sweatpants.

Reportedly, she suffers from depression and is classified as endangered missing. Apart from that, she had small roles in several TV shows and movies before she went missing. We can see her appearance in Role Models, ER, Mad TV, Desperate Housewives, and Crazy Stupid Love.

Park has not been found yet, but the updates have been given regularly to locate Park. Some YouTube videos have also been shared regarding the missing case of Elaine, and all of them are working to find Park.

What Happened To Elaine Park?

As said earlier, Elaine Park went  on January 28, 2017. The day before she disappeared, she sent her mom a text message before leaving in an Uber with her then-boyfriend to see a movie at around 10 pm. The report shows that the two returned to his residence around 1 am and went inside so she could stay the night.

Reportedly, Park woke up around am experiencing a panic attack, and it is also said that she was shaking and singing and acting oddly. Her then-boyfriend, Div, said that he tried to calm her down and get her to stay, but she got dressed and left about two hours later at 6:05 am.

She’s seen on the security footage walking to her car, seemingly not distressed anymore, and leaving the property. After Park drove away, the driveway camera stopped recording.


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Elaine Park Missing Update

The family of Elaine Park is still looking for her and won’t stop until they find her. Her mother, Susan, has set up a reward of $140,000 for information regarding her daughter. They have made a Facebook page dedicated to giving updates and information on Elaine and other missing person cases.Furthermore, her missing case gained broader attention in 2021 when it became the focus of the true-crime podcast called To Live and Die in LA. More updates regarding Park can be found on the Facebook page.

Explore Elaine Park Suspected Murder and Age Details

Some report shows that Elaine Park may have committed suicide. She was known to have bouts of depression, and she had just dropped out of college and gotten laid off from her restaurant job.

Apart from that, her boyfriend may have been involved in the disappearance of Park, as reported by some sites. However, the confirmed news regarding this topic is yet to get updated.Moreover, Park was born on September 24, 1996, making her age 25 years now. Her parents divorced, and she lived with her mom, Susan, in La Crescenta, California, which is just north of Los Angeles. 

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