What Happened To Christa Bullock? Drummer Is In Hospital

Christa J. Bullock is a well-known singer and musician at Church International. She has been serving as a drummer for the ‘Eleventh Hour’ program at the church alongside her parents.

Musician Christa Bullock is the daughter of pastors Robin Bullock and his wife, Robin R. Bullock. Her dad is a celebrated self-proclaimed Christian prophet in the United States.

Moreover, Christa’s father Robin Bullock, is also an author of the novel The Pool and the Portal. Also, he has written numerous books, including God Is Good! and Apostolic Shift.

News: What Happened To Christa Bullock?

Christa Bullock’s right lung has entirely collapsed, as she shared through her Instagram in late March 2022. Reportedly, the drummer is currently in Hospital following her illness.

On 21st March, Christa Bullock reported she went to the ER with what she thought was a pulled muscle in her shoulder. Later, her X-ray report showed that her right lung has wholly damaged.

Christa Bullock was rushed for immediate surgery. Then, she was transferred to UAB Birmingham to spend the rest of that week on her treatment.

“I was given the scripture. Ezekiel 37:35, “Behold, I will cause breath to enter you, and you shall live.” she wrote on Instagram, “I began to stand on it, and I wouldn’t let it go.”

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Drummer Christa Bullock Is In Hospital

Reportedly, Christa Bullock is still in Hospital for her treatment of lungs. Since the news broke out publicly, her well-wishers made it to Twitter to pray for her speedy recovery.

One of the Twitter users wrote that Christa Bullock, Robin’s daughter, needs a miracle for her lungs. There were also rumors of her death lately on social media; however, it might be just a death hoax.

So far now, the reports of her demise haven’t been confirmed by the concerned parties. Her family and close friends haven’t released any obituary on her death yet.

Is Christa Bullock Married?

Christa Bullock might be entirely single and unmarried as of 2022. There is no singles news of her marriage found on the internet to date.

Bullock has always remained lowkey regarding her love life. Thus, she hasn’t shared her partner in the media until today.

According to our report, Christa Bullock has no husband at the moment. We couldn’t find a hint pointing toward her romantic involvement with anyone.

Does Christa Bullock On Wikipedia?

Though Christa Bullock is a famous musician, she hasn’t been covered on Wikipedia sites focusing on her early life, music career, education, etc.

Christa Bullock has also served with some single albums in the music industry. ‘Gonna Be A Truck’ is one of her hit albums released on 25th July 2018.

Christa Bullock was raised by her father, Robin Bullock, and her mother, Robin R. Bullock, alongside her siblings named Amber and John Bullock.

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