What Happened To Chris Wallace? Where Is He Now?

Chris Wallace is known for giving tough interviews and doing a lot of them. In late 2021, he left Fox News and started working for CNN.

He said that working at Fox made him feel bad, so he quit. He joined CNN because he wanted to get news, but now some viewers think he is leaving.

Where Did Chris Wallace Go?

After working at Fox News for more than 18 years, Chris Wallace quit and is now streaming a new show at CNN. He was given the chance to renew his contract with his old channel network, but he turned it down and thought about going somewhere else.

On Sunday, December 12, 2021, he said on Fox News that it was his last day with the network. He said in a bold way that he was not happy programming at Fox. He added it in November 2020 because he felt like he couldn’t stay there any longer. The next few years were more of the same.

He had said that his time at Fox had been great, but that he was ready for a new adventure at CNN. His show wasn’t just about politics, though. It also talked about business, sports, and culture.

He also said that after many years of broadcasting, he was ready to see what streaming was all about. Jeff Zucker, a CNN worldwide host, also said that they were glad to have Chris join the network.

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He has only been working at the network for a few months now. But recently, viewers’ assumptions have led to rumors on the internet that he is leaving CNN. Some Internet users think Wallace is to blame for the sharp drop in CNN’s ratings, which was reported in a recent news story. Some even said that out of shame, he would be fired or leave the network.

What happened to Chris Wallace?

Chris Wallace said that by the end of 2021, he would no longer be able to work as a programmer at Fox. He worked at ABC for 14 years before he joined the network. In 2003, Wallace took over for Tony Snow as the host of Fox News Sunday.

Even though he did a lot of good work for the network, he says he left because people there started to question the truth of stories about the violence on January 6 and whether the 2020 election was stolen.

So, he didn’t renew his contract as a “Fox News Sunday” host in December. Instead, he moved to competitor CNN because he couldn’t keep working there. He also said that he had spent most of 2021 looking for other jobs and was still looking for the right one. He now works at CNN because of this.

Talk about the rumors that Chris Wallace is leaving CNN

Chris Wallace worked for Fox for 18 years. During that time, he covered almost every important political event and got a number of high-profile interviews with dignitaries and American leaders. In February 2009, he got Fox the first interview with President Barack Obama.

He also moderated, along with Bret Baier and Megyn Kelly, the 2016 Republican Party Presidential Debate on Fox News on March 3, 2016. He also talked to President Donald Trump in 2017 during his first interview after he was elected.

But he left the network and went to work for its biggest rival, CNN. “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace?” was the name of his new show on CNN. As CNN+ was shut down, it switched to CNN and HBO Max. After that, the four-night show moved to Sundays Weekly. He hasn’t said anything yet about how he plans to leave CNN.

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