Was Thomas Hardin Taekwondo Arrested? His Career, Biography, Life, Family Details

Who Is Thomas Hardin Taekwondo?

Thomas Hardin Taekwondo is a coach. Thomas Hardin, a Taekwondo Coach is accused of the sexual allegation by one of his students, MacKenzie Loesch. She expressed her concern that he is still training a minor after being banned for misconduct. 

Thomas Hardin is the Dragons Taekwondo LLC’s owner and the headmaster instructor who trains the minor in taekwondo. 

Although the complaint of molestation was lodged against Hardin, he was never charged and arrested.

Was Thomas Hardin Taekwondo Coach Arrested?

Thomas Hardin, a Taekwondo coach, is accused of sexually abusing and molesting MacKenzie Loesch. According to her interview with NBC News, dreamt of participating in Taekwondo at the Olympics in 2012.

She trained with Hardin, a high-profile instructor who she claims sexually assaulted her for years. It wasn’t from the start, but Hardin’s behavior altered when she was nine years old.

According to her, he was improperly groping and grabbing her, sneaking his hands from underneath her clothes. 

Loesch endured the torture and molestation for three years until she couldn’t take it any longer and texted her friend.

She explained her predicament and the situation she was in. Karen, her mother, eventually went to the police station and filed a complaint.

He was not prosecuted criminally and disputed the charges. He was never arrested for investigations. 

The Missouri children’s section, however, discovered that he had caressed and fondled MacKenzie.

Karen also turned to US central for safe sport, a group created in the aftermath of a USA gymnastic triumph. Even if the coach is not charged with a crime, the organization can nonetheless prohibit him.

It barred Hardin from coaching in any Olympic game and entered his information onto their internet database.

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Thomas Hardin, Taekwondo Coach Was Banned For Misconduct:

Thomas Hardin, a Taekwondo coach was banned by the US Center for Safesport from participating in any Olympic activities.

However, the banned made no difference to him, as he still works with minors at his own workshop now.

According to an NBC News investigation, Hardin is one of more than 1600 instructors who are still working in their sport after being barred for suspected sexual misconduct.

Cologne, CEO of Safe Sports, expresses her disappointment that they can only do this much. They investigate and ensure that such individuals with Misconduct charges are barred from participating in any athletic activity, but the organizations across the country do not follow their lead.

Where is Thomas Hardin Now? 

Thomas Hardin is running his workshop of Taekwondo where he teaches ad trains the minor. His Wikipedia biography is provided here. 

He began taekwondo training at the age of 16 and has continued doing so for almost 26 years. He began his taekwondo training with many Masters, including Grandmaster Bong Yul Shin, 9th dan.

Twin dragonsTaekwondo states that Taekwondo is Master Hardin’s passion, love, and life. His primary goals are to teach high-quality taekwondo and produce high-quality black belt students.

He has three medals from the USAT Nationals and has qualified for the USAT Poomsae Team Trials six times. Master Hardin continues to hone his skills and expertise by training with high-ranking black belts, USA Team members, and former Olympians on a regular basis.

Hardin also has a Blue Belt-2 Stripe in Gracie Barra Brazilian Jui Jitsu and a Blue Belt in Iaijutsu (Samauri Sword). Master Hardin practices with a variety of weapons such as the Bo Staff, Nunchucks, Sai, Sticks, Kamas, and Tonfas.

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