Was Alexa Bliss Injured In A Car Accident? Is She Still In WWE? All details

Health Update Now – Is She Still In WWE?

There are many rumors about Alexa Bliss being involved in a car accident; however, these are untrue she had never been. This rumor might be the result of the fact that she recently share a picture of her horrible state post sinus surgery.

Let’s find out more about the star wrestler.

Over her career in wrestling, she has managed to win many titles, and more than that her many wins had made history. For Instance, she is the first woman to win both the Raw and SmackDown Women’s titles.

Along with her tag partner, Nikki Cross became the first two-time Women’s Tag Team Champions in WWE history. She has millions of fans spread across the world and she also has managed to inspire many women by showing that they are strong.

Was Alexa Bliss Injured In A Car Accident? Health Update Now

There are no reports of Alexa being injured in a car accident and the injuries people are talking about are from her sinus surgery, not the accident. She recently shared a picture of her sinus surgery which the internet.

One could only imagine the tremendous pain she was in post-surgery. That particular post is not available on her social media account, so it is possible that she removed it because it was really scary and horrible.

People have presented their support to her saying that she went through that much difficulty and came out unscathed ready to continue her wrestling career. She has commented on people’s responses it saying apparently the picture was “violent” for the people.

Alexa fan has nothing to worry about because there is no news of her involving in any car accident in the past or recently. She is fine and fighting with the same vigor in wrestling.

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Is Alexa Bliss Still In WWE?

Alexa is still on WWE. She currently performs under Raw of WWE; however, when she initially joined, she was on Smackdown. She joined WWE in 2013 signing a contract.

Initially, she was assigned to Performance Center and developmental brand NXT. After that, she was seen in Smackdown and that was the moment she started to show her magic. Her popularity reached another level here.

Here, she became the first two-time SmackDown Women’s Champion. Since then, she has not been in a position where she might have to look back on her career because she rose and rose.

As of now, her fans are distributed across the world. People can follow her on Instagram under the handle name alexa_bliss_wwe_, where she has more than 5.7 million followers, which is increasing.

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