Tya Posley Video Youtube: Child Beating Video that went Viral on Facebook

Tay Posley, Florida woman has been arrested and charged for hitting a one year old child. A video was posted online where a mother is seen hitting her 1-year-old in the face while spewing profanities at the baby girl. The video has gained lots of comment online and the mother has been arrested by the police.

In the short clip, which was seen by The Post and appears to no longer be viewable, a woman, who is believed to be Posley, points and yells at her daughter,

“Your daddy wants to post sh–, right? He want to f—ing post sh– and not answer the God d–n phone! I hate your a–!” she screams.

The suspect then hits the crying girl on what appears to be her face and back, before the video cuts out.

According to the Sanford Police Department, officers were made aware of the video Tuesday morning and were able to identify the child and adult in the recording, leading to a welfare check at the Windchase Apartment complex.

“Through the investigation, it was determined that Posley was the person depicted in the video striking the infant,” cops said.

When interviewed by the police, Fox 35 reported that Posley allegedly denied hitting her daughter, but detectives said they were told that the abuse had been going on for a year.

Posley was arrested on a felony count of cruelty towards a child/abuse. Her daughter was removed from her custody by Child Protective Services.

“The video showing what this helpless infant endured is both gut-wrenching and infuriating,” Sanford Police Chief Cecil Smith stated. “Though social media often brings about many challenges, today is a day I am grateful for it as it brought forth swift relief and protection for this young child.

“Thank you to the many citizens who saw this video and immediately alerted us. You may very well have saved this infant’s life.”

Posley was later released from jail after posting a $2,000 bond.

A woman claiming to be Posley wrote in a Facebook post on Wednesday that her daughter is now back with her, and that she is looking to put her child up for adoption.

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