Tron Anthony Welborn Jail? Dimensions Floor Tiktok, Dimension7yo TikToker Arrested

Tron Anthony Welborn Jail: Tron Welborn, aka Dimension 7yo on TikTok, posted videos threatening to shoot the Central Florida School. He lived in Daytona Beach; meanwhile, the officers of the same area investigated the matter.

He is also known for making several rap videos; however, the one where he constantly threatened the school for shooting went viral, leading to his arrest.

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Tron worked at a Trader Joe’s distribution, and the second video he uploaded was a threat of shooting in the area. In one of his videos, he shouted,

“knock on my door one more time with the police and see what happens to you all. I will shoot up the school, facts. I will go to Spruce Creek myself, and shoot up that whole school myself, facts.”

The video lasted only a few seconds; however, a woman’s voice is heard in the background as if she was trying to stop him from calling out “honey.”

The second video continued with him yelling, “When I shoot up the places at work, and people get shot up, it’s going to be your fault. I’m coming shoot up the place; it’s going to be a matter of time. I’m going to shoot up that whole place, and it’s going to be your fault.”

Why Was Tron Welborn Arrested? Charges On Him

The officers looking at Tron Welborn’s case formally filed a charge against him. He was a wannabe rapper who got caught up while posting a video threatening Spruce Creek High School for shooting.

He was also previously charged in 2015 twice for aggravated stalking and assault with a deadly weapon. It turns out Welborn also had a history of resisting arrest and charges.

He had tried to run over a stop sign from a Volusia County deputy and had a year’s probation. Recently, he faced charges with “written threats to kill or do bodily harm.”

For the recent accusations, he mentioned to the investigating team of having problems with stealing his content from someone online.

Is Tron Welborn On Wikipedia? His Age

No, Tron Welborn is not available on the Wikipedia page. He gained public attention after the threatening video he posted.

He is a 36-years-old man who worked in the Trader Joe’s distribution center, where he made threats. Welborn seems to have a lot of arrest history and charges against him.

While the official interview with the co-workers, a woman stated that he once mentioned, “Do I have to rape all the women here and kill all the men to be head? wait till my friend comes in here and kills everyone, once they’re all dead, I’ll kill myself.”

Tron Welborn, aka Dimension7yo on TikTok mugshots, has swirled around the internet after his arrest.

The police officers took Tron Welborn into custody after allegedly posting several videos on the internet threatening Central Florida School. A man in his 30s now faces several charges against him.

He uploaded a video online, constantly making threat comments about shooting. A woman who watched the clip reported him to the city police of Port Orange, who immediately took action against him.

Upon investigation, the officers found new updates that shook the public.

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