TikTok Reacts To Air Dryer Video and Germs Within The Hand Dryer

After people were spotted using a hand dryer to curl their hair, a video showing how clean an air dryer is went popular on TikTok.

Nowadays, a lot of people get their ideas from TikTok, and while some of the strategies, tips, and hacks are highly original, others are just plain strange.

Women going to their local public facilities to obtain free blowouts is the latest trend to sweep the platform. That is true. By employing hand dryers, people are emulating the Dyson Airwrap effect that is popular on TikTok.

They are not aware that excrement and bacteria have been discovered to thrive in these hand dryers. The audience was stunned by the viral footage, which compelled them to band together to spread the word about how unclean the “free blowout” is.

New Air Dryer Video From Tiktok Reveals Germs

TikTok Reacts to Air Dryer Video and Germs in Hand Dryer on Reddit

An odd TikTok video of a woman using a public air dryer to curl her hair went viral, and Reddit users reacted in astonishment after seeing how filthy and unclean the hand dryer was.

The audience was stunned by the viral footage, which compelled them to band together to spread the word about how unclean the “free blowout” is. Another video demonstrated the results in a Petri dish, and they were exactly as repulsive as one might anticipate.

Hand dryers are not as clean as they seem, according a study that was published in the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology. They learned that the hand dryer blew bacteria from the bathroom’s feces-filled air back onto clean hands as it dried them.

Petri dishes that had been heated by the bathroom dryer were studied by scientists. The bacteria proliferated up to 245 colonies in just 30 seconds as compared to those left in the open.

TikTok Air Dryer Video Reaction On Twitter, People Are Hating It

Users on Twitter shared their opinions about the air dryer after the TikTok video went popular, and some are now detesting it as a result of the air dryer experiment video that was also released.

@madmedicine, a medical student, said: “I’m sorry to break the terrible news to you, but those hand dryers in public restrooms are very repulsive.”

TikTok Air Dryer Original Video

The original caption of the well-known video read, “No one was wounded. Don’t try this at home. The video received an astounding 10.8 million views.

@phonesoap, a different TikToker, did a similar experiment with Petri dishes. Along with the air samples from the various dryers, he also gathered samples from a control dryer that “simulated” shaking his hands dry.

In the air dryer video, @phonesoap left all of the Petri plates in an incubator for three days. A petrol station, a theatre, a store, and the hand dryers from the same public restroom as the “control” dish all had bacterial growth.

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