Shocking Revelation In The Final Episode Of Anatomy Scandal Lawyer

Anatomy of a Scandal

a new series, has released on Netflix on April 15, 2022. It is based on a novel named Sarah Vaughan.
It explores the story of James Whitehouse, a Parliamentary minister who is a happily married man with a lovely family. However, his affair and a sexual assault case on him turn things ugly.

As the case moves forward, his past crimes also unfold, related to the prosecutor Kate Woodcraft.

Did James Waterhouse Know Lawyer Kate Woodcroft Is Holly Berry From School?

James Waterhouse knew that lawyer Kate Woodcraft was Holly Berry from school. However, he realized the truth later on.

Initially, when the court hearing started, the case was limited to the accusation of sexually assaulting Olivia. However, as the case moved forward, another accusation followed that said there was another victim of James’ actions. 

One of the Oxford administrators came forward and claimed that there was a student who was assaulted in a similar way to Olivia. When asked about who and where the victim was, the name Holly Berry came forward. 

And when asked where the girl was, it was said that she had left the country. However, Waterhouse denied that he knew any girl with that name. But, his wife Sophie started to doubt him when she recognized the name.

Holly was one of her friends at the university, and her sudden disappearance made Sophie doubt that her spouse may have done something unspeakable. But, on the other hand, James remembered Holly and what he had done to her.

Then late during the questioning, he realizes that Kate is Holly. He found that out when she brought up the phrase he said to Olivia. He had said the same phrase to Holly and revealed The Cinemaholic.
Although he realized the truth, he remained silent to protect himself from getting into another investigation. Moreover, he escaped the punishment from the jury, but his end was not a happy one.

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Character Kate Woodcraft Twisted Ending

Kate Woodcraft, Anatomy Of a Scandal character had a twisted ending. First, it was revealed that the prosecutor Woodcraft is one of the victims of James’ assault.

She was previously named Holly when she studied at Oxford. However, she left the university after James abused her, mentioned a source.

Then, she enrolled in a red brick university to study law, eventually becoming a prosecutor specializing in relationship r*pe and sexual assault cases. She changed her name to Kate Woodcroft because the old name would bring up the memories.

Thus, she chose her middle name Kate and her ex-husband’s surname to create a new identity for herself. 

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