Shea And Syd McGee Net Worth 2022: How Much Did She Make As The Host Of Netflix Dream Home Makeover?

Shea McGee and her husband, Syd McGee, are the owners and co-founders of Studio McGee, a full-service interior design company.

Shea and her husband are well known for their imaginative and wonderful interior design work, and as a result of their superior work, Netflix offered them the opportunity to host the Dream Home Makeover show.

In October 2020, the first season of this programme was made available. Following the first season’s enormous success, the second season was made available in January 2021. The third season of this Dream Home Makeover is reportedly about to premiere.

Prior to starting her career, Shea earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communication with a focus on public relations. But as a result of her passion in interior design, she enrolled in Saddleback College’s interior design courses.

Shea And Syd McGee

Shea And Syd McGee Net Worth 2022

Their predicted net worth in 2022 is $5 million, according to professional interior designer, TV personality, and blogger Shea McGee.

In 2014, Shea and her husband Syd created and became the CCO of Studio McGee & Co. With all the work the couple put in, the company took off to the point where they opened the online store McGee&Co in 2016. Since then, her professional experience has continued to be fruitful.

Shea and Syd are also the hosts of the Netflix series Dream Home Makeover, where they interact with clients and restore their homes using their original ideas in accordance with their budget.

People from all around the nation and the world wanted this couple to design their home after they gained international fame from the show. This pair is therefore making enough money from these events and their interior design job to live a luxury lifestyle.

Shea reportedly owns a $2 million dream home in Utah, so she and her family are living a life of luxury. Shea’s earnings are also rising as she grows her business over time by creating numerous prosperous businesses and brands.

How Much Did Shea McGee Make As The Host Of Dream Home Makeover?

Shea and Syd McGee made their Netflix debut in early 2020, and the series quickly became a major smash, with the second season premiering not long after.

The reports state that this presentation helps clients with budgets ranging from $20K to $2M. Therefore, we can infer this couple’s earnings from hosting this concert from the funds used to sustain the customer.

Although Shea hasn’t officially been named the host of Dream Home Makeover, based on the program’s enormous popularity, it can be assumed that Shea is earning enough money from it as well.

Shea, who is renowned for her endearing demeanour and amazing creations, has amassed a sizable fan base over the years and has never ceased to astound her clients and admirers with the calibre of her interior design work.

Shea McGee Salary Earnings And Wealth

This pair formed Studio McGee and McGee & Co., which is thought to bring in $12.6 million a year in sales.

The inclusion of online furniture and household goods to their company endeavours is also wonderful. In addition, Shea and Syd McGee introduced the McGee & Co. Kid’s Collection in 2021, which is utilised to enhance the playfulness of a child’s room.

Shea maintains a blog and hosts a TV show, but Studio McGee, her interior design firm, has been her main source of revenue. Couples started using it as a secondary source of income after McGee and Co. was established.

From sofas to rugs to doormats, the online furniture and home store offers a vast selection of opulent goods. By creating numerous prosperous businesses and brands, the pair has been growing their business for more than a year.

Shea has been expanding over the past few years and currently offers over 100 people work chances from these business companies.

The only piece of real estate Shea has given to the public is the stunning $2 million dream home she and her family call home.

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