Sharon Garner Weight Loss & Age: Her Family Background, Net Worth Details

Who Is Sharon Garner?

Despite suffering from arthritis, Sharon Garner, who is 67 years old, shares her incredible weight loss journey. It has inspired and motivated numerous people. 

Sharon Garner shared how she thinks that going to the gym is “never a hassle” and that she looks forward to her kickboxing and circuit courses. 

 Likewise, Garner takes pride in accomplishing a healthy body even at such an age with her arthritis. It also denotes a strong message: “if I can, so can you.” 

Sharon Garner Weight Loss Journey:

Sharon Garner has made a drastic change in her weight. 

She explained how she spends all her week kickboxing, swimming, and jogging, believing it’s never too late to start exercising.

Last year, Garner ran two half-marathons, although she had to take it easy on the roadwork since it was terrible for her knees.

She also shared how she has a balanced diet and exercises often, avoiding red meat and consuming lots of green vegetables, eggs, and avocados.

“Age is not an excuse,” she added. I’m approaching 70 years old and still in great shape.

“It’s also never too late to begin.” You will be surprised at how much you can do.” She enjoys brightening up the gym with her brilliant and diverse collection of multi-colored training gear.

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Sharon Garner Age And Wiki:

Sharon Garner is currently 67 years old. 

As for her profession, she is now a retired property manager from Penzance, Cornwall, 

As for her husband, he is 48 years old. No other details about her husband are available.

Both Sharon and her husband have eight grandkids altogether. The Wikipedia platform has not mentioned information about Sharon Garner.

Sharon Garner Net Worth:

Unfortunately, Sharon Garner’s net value is not yet revealed in the media.

However, she spends over £50 a month on attractive training attire and footwear but jokes about how she keeps the delivery hidden from her 71-year-old husband, Alwyn. 

On the other hand, Sharon Garner has a Facebook account. Her name is Sharon Garner.

Likewise, Sharon Garner has a husband named Alwyn of 48 years.

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