Rapper Skusta Clee Cheating Allegations On Zeinab Harake, Who Is His New Gilfriend?more detail

Miscarriage and the cheating rumor

Skusta Clee, a well-known rapper, and YouTube influencer Zeinab Harake’s divorce rumors have gained wide popularity on social media.

Zeinab must be devastated right now, what with her miscarriage and the cheating rumor.

Skusta Clee Has A New Girlfriend Amid Cheating On Zeinab Harake


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Rumors are flowing that Skusta Clee has a new girlfriend and was cheating on Zeinab Harake. Skusta and Zeinab lost their second child earlier this week, it appears that the two are experiencing another hurdle, sparking suspicions of a probable separation.

The suspicions circulated quickly after fans discovered that Harake is no longer following the singer-songwriter on Instagram and that photos of them together had been erased.
Meanwhile, Harake is still on Clee’s list of followers, but he hasn’t posted on Instagram since late March.

With all of the negative remarks directed towards Zeinab, her friends are supporting her and begging that she be treated with kindness.
Donnalyn Bartolome stated that she has had a miscarriage and is presently going through the “most terrible moment of her life.”

“Be polite to Zeinab, because if you know what I know, you’d feel terrible about saying negative things about her at this time. The most difficult moment of her life.

“After all, I will pray for the souls who made false charges against her fidelity,” she wrote.


Skusta Clee And Zeinab Harake Relationship Timeline


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Skusta Clee aka Daryl Borja rose to prominence as a flip-top rapper before joining the rap group Ex-Batallion. Clee was a pioneer in the Filipino trap music genre, and he also dominated social media in 2016 via the portal Musical.ly.

“Kung Tayo,” “Umaasa,” “Panda,” “Nandito Lang Ako,” “Pauwi Na’ko,” and “Pasensya Na” are among his works.
Similarly, Zeinab Harake his partner is a reputed YouTube video provider in the Philippines. Her Zeinab Harake YouTube account, which she created in 2017, presently has Twelve million followers.

Zeinab said in a vlog titled “Birthday Surprise Revelation,” that after dating on and off for several years, she and Daryl reconciled in July 2020.

Months later, on October 6, she revealed that she is pregnant. She also stated that Clee was living with her before she found out she was carrying a child.

Zeinab and Daryl focused on building their relationship after learning they would-be parents before informing her followers about her pregnancy. She also stated that she considers her pregnancy to be a blessing.

Zeinab gave birth to their first daughter, Baby Bia, on April 28, 2021. Every month of Baby Bia’s life, the couple commemorates with a Disney princess-themed picture shoot. They recently dressed her up like Rapunzel to commemorate her being 10 months old.

Zeinab conveyed the devastating news that she had lost their second child, a son called Moon, on April 13, 2022. She wrote, “Rest in peace, Kana, I love you so much, watch over and strengthen us always, you will not be forgotten in our hearts, moon.”

“Mommy adores you and wants you to be our everlasting angel.”

Netizens Are Demanding Skusta Clee’s New Girlfriend’s Name

After Skusta Clee is reported to be cheating on Zeinab Harake with her new girlfriend. They are chastising him for cheating on the mother of his child. They also assert that once a cheater, always a cheater.

Fans were shocked to see his lip sync video of Bruno Mars’s “Grenade,” in which he appears to make sense by singing the phrase. “You claimed you loved me, you’re a liar ’cause you never, ever, ever did, baby.”
However, only today were images of Skusta Clee with a lady revealed, which were quickly criticized by netizens.

So far, Skusta Clee has remained mute and has not issued a remark on the images that have been circulated on social media.
Skusta is currently 26 years old and Zeinab is 23 years old. The couple has an age difference of just three years.

Based on their age, they became parents to their children far too young. We hope that their separation will not have an impact on the baby’s upbringing.

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