Raoul Pal Net Worth, How Rich Is Crypto Vlogger and 2022?

Raoul Pal is the CEO of Global Macro Investor and Real Vision

He is an entrepreneur and investment strategist. Pal worked at Goldman Sachs in London as the co-head of hedge fund sales in stocks and equity derivatives.

Pal’s experience and understanding in the financial field are reflected in this distinguished position.

He worked for several firms, including Goldman Sachs, before launching his firm, Global Macro Investor, in 2005, when he was in his mid-thirties. He co-founded Real Vision in 2014, nine years later.

Crypto: Raoul Pal Net Worth In 2022


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Raoul Pal’s net worth is estimated to be $45 million. However, the investor has not spilled the beans about his earnings and salary to the public.

Raoul has an impressive resume as an economist. In addition, the majority of his liquid net worth is invested in cryptocurrency. He feels that crypto is the way of the future.

Pal is also the founder of The Global Macro Investor, a subscription-based investing research publication. Moreover, he could make more money in the future due to his crypto investments.
His startup has been dubbed the “Netflix of digital assets.” This is because he is well-liked by investors.

Real Vision is also a video streaming platform that makes the world of finance accessible to everyone. The streaming can be viewed on a phone or a computer by ordinary folks. Pal is the creative genius behind this fantastic enterprise.

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Raoul Pal Wife: Is He Married?


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Raoul Pal is a married man to his wife, Anoush, who works as an Applied Behaviour Analyst.

Anoush assists autistic children. In addition, on World Autism Day, he published a tweet in support of children with Autism. He urged people to be more compassionate toward children who need love and assistance.
Furthermore, Pal is in the best position on the planet. He is one of the gorgeous Cayman Islands’ 182 residents, which is also a luxurious location with all of the necessary conveniences. Millionaires make up a large portion of the island’s population. As a result, Pal is one of them.

He lives in a magnificent mansion in the Cayman Islands with his wife.

Raoul Pal Age: How Old Is He?

Raoul Pal is 54 years old. He was born in 1968 to an Indian father and Dutch mother.

His mother was from Leeuwarden, and his father was from Punjab. Pal earned a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Law from Plymouth University in Plymouth, England, in 1990.
Pal has a sizable crypto wealth in addition to his enterprises. When Raoul publicly revealed his incremental investment of more than 50% of his assets into Bitcoin, he caused waves in the cryptocurrency industry.

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