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The racing community is shocked to hear the untimely demise of Stephen Penn. He tragically passed away while racing at Palmerston North SuperStock Teams Championships. His friends and family are pouring on a tribute for him through social media.

What Happened To Stephen Penn At Speedway Track?

Stephen Penn is the driver who died in an accident on the speedway track at the Palmerston North SuperStock Teams Championships. On Sunday at 6.15 p.m., a police official confirmed that one person had died at Central Energy Trust Arena.

According to Stuff Co, the car had been seized by Speedway NZ, who would undertake an inquiry. Likewise, a witness said that the incident occurred during the night’s first race.He said that the driver sped down the straight, collided with the other vehicle, skidded sideways, flicked back, and crashed into the wall head-on. He expressed his shock, saying that it was a big hit and things like that don’t normally happen.

Likewise, another witness said that it seemed the driver went unconscious as soon as he hit the wall. After some time, the ground announcer told the crowd that the race would not continue.

Stephen Penn Death In An Accident

Stephen Penn’s death cause is an accident. He died while racing at Palmerston North Suporstocks team championships.

The promoter, Bruce Robertson, announced that the racing was canceled because of the incident. However, he asked the attendees to hold off their tickets before announcing when the race would resume.Likewise, a St John’s spokesperson was called to Pascal St near the Arena and was on the scene aiding police. WorkSafe was also alerted of the situation. On behalf of the Coroner, police indicated they would investigate now.

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