Nicole Shanahan Net Worth of $70 Million With Houses And Life Of Luxury

Nicole Shanahan is a lawyer who founded the legal technology business ClearAccessIP and the Bia-Echo Foundation.

She resides in California. In 2019, Nicole established the foundation and contributed $100 million to social projects to address climate change and improve the criminal justice system. According to the Chronicle of Philanthropy, money also promotes fertility later in life, which is a topic Nicole Shanahan has direct experience with because she had difficulty becoming pregnant in her thirties.

As per Nicole, she had some initial difficulty becoming pregnant, but in 2018, the couple became parents to a girl. According to Page Six, Shanahan gave a dynamic statement in 2019 at the introduction of the Center for Female Reproductive Longevity and Equality, in which she discussed the difficulties she had had with her fertility.

Nicole’s Bia-Echo Foundation is aimed to make changes in the world. Per the information provided on Bia-Echo Foundation’s website, the objective is to invest in innovators at the cutting edge of technology. The company focuses on the fundamental aspects of criminal judicial reform, the environment’s future, durability, and inclusivity. These are all significant issues.

As per the director of Stanford Law, Shanahan is also an academic member of CodeX, which is short for the Stanford Center of Legal Informatics. In this role, she works on a project that integrates data science into the process of prosecuting criminals.

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