NBC’s Keir Simmons and Wife Jessica Binns Have Twin Children Of Their Own

Keir Simmons, a family man, had twin children with Jessica Binns. He works as an NBC host and is an English journalist from Greenwich.

English journalist Keir Simmons, real name Keir Hardie Brennan-Simmons, was born on February 22, 1972. Since December 2018, he has served as the senior international correspondent for NBC’s Today.

Additionally, he fills in as an anchor on MSNBC and frequently appears on the evening newscast NBC Nightly News. The Wall Street Journalstated that Ukraine declared a state of emergency, mobilized, and ordered its citizens to leave Russia immediately.

Vladimir Putin is prepared to announce a military operation in Donbas, according to NBC News’ Keir and Andrei Fedorov, a former Russian deputy foreign minister.

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Who Is Jessica Binns Keir Simmons Wife?

Keir Simmons revealed Jessica Binns as his wife on his verified Instagram account @keirsimmons

According to her Linkedin Profile, marketing consultant Jessica is a creative leader with a love for fostering growth in start-ups and corporate settings.

Jessica has 20 years of experience and has developed her independence, agility, and entrepreneurial spirit. His wife received a degree in Languages from Business, Languages for Business, from Oxford Brookes University.

She also had positions with The Brooklyn Brothers, Apothem Labs, Bleached, and Exposure as director, chief marketing officer, and managing partner ( co-founder).

She currently works with Jessica Binns Consulting as a Brand and Marketing Consultant. The couple has a common understanding with respect to one another, and as a result, they both love and care for one another equally.

Jessica Binns & Keir Simmons Twin Children: Meet The Family Of The NBC Host

With his wife Jessica, 50-year-old Keir Simmons adores being a father to twin kids. According to MarriedCeleb, Simmons revealed the birth of their daughter in 2012–2013. Ilia Simmons and Arianna Simmons, their daughters, are between 9 and 10 years old.

Jessica described their daughter as the most important thing in her life on her Instagram account, @jess binns. Keir and Jessica never pass up the opportunity to share photos from their family vacation on Instagram.

Additionally, Keir covered his first court report at the Old Bailey on murders and scandals in London. He may have developed a passion for journalists since he was little.

Keir Simmons Net Worth: How Much Does He Earn?

The estimated net worth of English journalist Keir Simmons is $5 million. According to the source, he earns an annual salary that ranges from $121,949 to $131,653. Glassdoor claims that the journalist earns $83,116 annually.

He was the first journalist in 2010, according to Wikipedia, to get millions of pounds in compensation from former inmates. In December 2018, he worked as a Senior International Correspondent for The Today Show on NBC News.

Additionally, in July 2017 Simmons received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Coverage of a Breaking News Story in a News Magazine.

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