Matilda Djerf Eating Disorder Condition Explained, Anorexia And Health Update

Being a tastemaker on social media requires a significant effort, and the ladies we see on our iPhone screens are real women who have lives, difficulties, feelings, and concerns just like anybody else.

Matilda Djerf had gone live on Instagram, and she shared a vulnerable and emotional experience about Matilda Djerf eating disorder with her audience then.

The live video came in due to a comment written by a follower, often known as a troll. The comment angered the blogger since it suggested that she utilizes her initial difficulties with food to grab publicity on her platform. Although Matilda didn’t want to get so personal with her followers, she ended up tearing apart the mask that social media has caused us to normalize. This statement understandably upset Matilda greatly, and it’s easy to see why.

Matilda’s Instagram page is filled with sun-soaked bikini shots and exquisite outfit posts. Still, she asks social media users to remind themselves that not everything is always merry. Just because she has excellent opportunities does not imply that life is always perfect for her.

Matilda was battling an eating disorder. She wrote in one of her journal entries that she wanted to see her ribcages and collarbones. She also wished to see her hip bones prominently. All she wanted was for people to look at her and call her skinny. It was probably because of such wishes that she developed an eating disorder and could eat no more than two tiny meals per day. This was her entry of 2011 that she shared with the world. 

Matilda was always insecure about her body, so she started counting calories.
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Back in 2011, Matilda underwent serious situations of insecurities and self-harm. The influencer felt worthless in her body and always counted calories. 

When Matilda talks of her eating disorders and how everything around her felt like a competition, she raises a crucial question. How society influences us and brings out these insecurities, leading us to hate the life we live and the body we have.

After years of feeling insecure, Matilda has finally crossed that bump in her life. Although she still feels the insecurity coming back, she reminds herself that she is a lot more than only her body.

She reminds her of her personality, her family, and her passions. Whenever she feels stressed, she goes for a walk to release all that stress. 


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