Mairis Briedis Met His Wife Jūlija Briede Through Social Media, His Family, Age, Details

Who Is Mairis Briedis?

Mairis Briedis, a Latvian professional boxer. Mairis Briedis is in the form of his life, recently defeating Glowacki in three intense and wild shootout rounds. His home fans backed the boxer, and he was the main protagonist of the main event.

Recently, Mairis had a fueled with Jake Paul, a popular YouTuber. Before the boxing match between Jake and Cancelo, Mairis suggested this was the near end of Jake’s boxing career.

The three-time cruiserweight champion has one of the biggest fanbases. He has received all the love and support from his fans, especially his biggest fan Julija Briede.

is married to his wife, Jūlija Briede, having a unique story of their first meeting. Let’s find out all the romantic details of the couple.

Mairis Briedis Wife: How Did He Meet Jūlija Briede?


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Mairis Briedis met his wife Julija Briede through a social media platform while the boxer was just 22 years of age.

It didn’t take time for the couple to fall in love with each other. The boxer was the first one to reach out to Julija, and the couple went out on a date.

After two weeks of knowing each other, Mairis introduced Julija to his father as his future wife. She took the statement as a joke at that time, but luckily the couple is married now.

At the time, she is busy raising her children and supporting her husband on and off the ring. Mairis gives a lot of credit to his wife after winning fights in his boxing career.

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The Celebrity Spouse Jūlija Briede Career Details


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The popular wife of the boxer, Julija Briede, used to work in insurance before she met her future husband.

She started her career in insurance right after she graduated from the University. She has even worked as an artist under the tutelage of Vadim Vernik.

According to, Julija has expressed her willingness to be an interior designer in the future. She enjoys garden planning and has beautiful flowers around her house.

On the other hand, her husband, Mairis, is a lethal fighter in the ring. The statistic of body shots often tends to go higher whenever Mairis is present in the ring.

Do The Celebrity Couple Mairis And Julija Have Any Children?

The lovely couple, Mairis and Julija, are busy raising their five children, all five of them are sons.

However, the marriage of Mairis and Julija is accompanied by three boys Rapheal, Brendan, and Gabriel. The first marriage of Mairis had two twin boys named Richard and David.

They presently live with their mother in Britain and occasionally visit their father in Latvia. Julija learned about the two children of Mairis on their second date.

Julija always dreamed of having three children, and now she is reliving her dream of taking care of three boys. The oldest, Rapheal, attends English and Chess School. The middle child, Brendan, is following in his father’s footsteps by taking boxing classes.

The youngest of all, Gabriel, stays close to his mom at home.

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