Learn About American Idol Contestant Ava Maybee Family Tree Nationality

American Idol 2022 contestant Ava Maybee has emerged as a prominent reality TV star after she appeared on the singing reality TV show.

In the concrete, she has been performing for as long as the singer can remember. She is highly inspired by classic soul, rock, and Motown music.

The singer, along with her best friend Cameron Whitcomb, both auditioned for the show. The singing duo has been trending since the episodes aired.

Where Does The American Idol 2022 Contestant Ava Maybee Stand In The Family Tree?


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Netizens’ curiosity to learn about the American Idol 2022 contestant Ava Maybee’s family tree is believed to have been prompted by the disclosure of her father’s identity.

The drummer of the remarkable band Red Hot Chilli Peppers, is reportedly her father. She had concealed her identity in auditions.

It has only been uncovered not long ago. Chad Smith took to his Instagram to urge his fans to vote for his daughter Ava in the singing show.

The legendary drummer started playing the drums at the age of seven. He grew up listening to bands such as the Roling Stones, Rush, and more.

Ava’s father, Chad, has been married twice in his life. First to Maria St John from 1996 to 1997. They share a daughter named Manon.

However, her biological parents have never married. Chad married the second time with his current wife, architect Mack in 2004.

Chad and Mack conceived three sons, Cole, aged 17, Beckett, aged 13, and Dashiell, aged 10. As of now, they reside in Malibu, California.

The American Idol 2022 contestant has already released her own music across various streaming platforms until this very day.

She has also performed at numerous major events around Los Angeles, including reportedly singing the national anthem at Lakers and Dodgers games.

Excluding that, the singer has also performed at various charity events. In fact, she is tremendously interested in charity works apart from singing.

Ava is a youth ambassador reportedly for the children’s hospital of Los Angeles. Likewise, she is a co-founder of the UNICEF young ambassadors.

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Ava Maybee Ethnicity And Nationality: Her Biography


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The 21-year-old Ava Maybee’s ethnicity is challenging to comprehend. However, the American Idol singer holds an American nationality.

Unlike Chad, her father, Ava’s biography hasn’t been published on the mainstream web platform Wikipedia. Yet, she has a self-titled site.

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