Kizzy Edgell, The Actor Who Plays Darcy In Heartstopper

Kizzy Edgell Is One Of The Cast Members Of The New Series

The series has a bunch of talented new teenage faces alongside some of the known faces. The shooting of the series started in Spring 2021 near London on June 23, 2021.

Alice gave a sneak peek to the viewers saying that the characters will be at school with some time skips in between. Meanwhile, the story will need with one of the characters Nick leaving the school to go to the University. 

Is Kizzy Edgell aka Darcy In Heartstopper Wiki?


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Kizzy Edgell is featured on the Wikipedia page of Heartstopper and is one of the cast members of the series. Their character Darcy will be playing the romantic interest of Tara. 

They announced that they have joined the cast through social media on  April 26, 2021. This is the first cameo role of Kizzy through the Netflix series, Heartstopper. 

As per their social media bio, tKizy uses the ‘They’ pronoun for themselves. The young actor is one of the few new faces on the series who made their debut in the entertainment industry. 

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Kizzy Edgell Age And Gender Details 


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Kizy Edgell, a young teenage actor, is 19 years old in 2022. The native of England, Kizzy uses the They pronoun for themselves. 

As per the reports, Edgell identifies as non-binary. 

Though hopping into the entertainment industry as a public figure, Edgell has maintained to keep her personal life details behind the curtain. 

Who Are Kizzy Edgell’s Parents?

Kizzy Edgell was for sure born to English parents who have decided to stay behind the wrap. They are supporting their child to grow as an actor in the industry while they seem to live a low-key life. 

Kizzy’s parents haven’t yet made an appearance on any of their social media pages. In the meantime, Kizzy too has respected their parent’s privacy and hasn’t spoken anything about them on the media platform. 

It is not new for parents to remain a mystery while their children grow into famous personalities. Some like to live a simple life without any public attention. 

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