Jill Bottrall Died As Mike Rann Pays Tribute, Former Labor Advisor Was Fier

Mike Rann Pays Tribute to Former Labor Adviser Jill Bottrall

Jill Bottrall died after her short-term battle with cancer at the age of 62, and the former Premier, Mike Rann, and his wife Sasha Rann paid their tributes to her through one of his tweets.

Mike expressed how he and his wife were saddened to hear about Jill’s untimely death. He remembered that Jill was a courageous and fiercely loyal comrade-in-arms.

Jill has worked with Mike as his long-serving media adviser and deputy chief of staff, and their working relationship dates back to the 1993 election. Jill has proved to be an imminent person behind Mike’s political success due to her formidable communication style.

Jill was diagnosed with cancer only several weeks ago after she went for a check-up noticing that she was unusually tired.

How Old Was Jill Bottrall Age?

Jill Bottrall was 62 years old at the time of her demise, but her exact birth date is not available at the moment. 

She had worked for more than 15 years as an adviser to Mike Rann, and later she opened her public relations agency called Jill Bottrall Communications.

Jill has been NBN Local manager for SA and NT since 2015. Similarly, she was also a state representative on the RSPCA Australia Board since 2015.

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Jill Bottrall Partner And Family Facts

Jill Bottrall might be married to her partner and have her own family, but the details about them seem to be unavailable at the moment.

She was not only active both politically and in the media field but also active in animal welfare and safety through RSPCA Australia.

She was a kind and fierce person who fought for things that she believed in, and she was active on social media platforms like Twitter.

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