Jessica Chambers Murder Case Update, Was Quinton Tellis Found Guilty?

Jessica Chambers, 19, was found consuming close to her car, which was additionally ablaze, around 8:10 p.m. on December 6, 2014.

She had consumes all around her body. A flammable substance was spilled all around her body, into her nose, and down her mouth. She died the following morning as an outcome of her wounds.

Quinton Tellis was accused of capital homicide in Jessica’s passing in February 2016. He’d proactively been sentenced for robbery, opiates ownership, and getting away from police. Nonetheless, the lawbreaker presently can’t seem to be recognized and rebuffed.

Jessica Chambers Murder Case Update It’s been just about a long time since Jessica Chambers was killed. Notwithstanding, she and her family still can’t seem to get equity.

The homicide preliminary for the man blamed for killing Chambers in Mississippi was deferred in Louisiana in March 2022. That suggests a third preliminary for Chambers’ homicide is as yet a chance.

Locale Counsel Steve Tew detailed that a protection lawyer employed a specialist to pinpoint the whereabouts of Tellis’ telephone at the time Hsiao was killed trying to sabotage proof.

People on call in Courtland, Mississippi got a report concerning a vehicle fire on December 6, 2014.

They showed up on the scene to find a 2005 Kia Rio ablaze and started endeavoring to quench the blazes.

This call, be that as it may, turned out to be substantially more than an ordinary call when a young lady wearing simply her underwear and covered head to toe with consumes moved toward them and mentioned help.

The lady was distinguished as the person in question. They quickly concentrated on the genuinely consumed Chambers, who was flown by helicopter from the little, country village in Mississippi where she died the following morning.

In spite of a suspect being attempted two times, nobody has been sentenced for the wrongdoing, and it is thought of as strange.

Examiners talked with almost every individual who perhaps had contacted with Jessica. They even considered on the off chance that her darling, who was in prison at the hour of the homicide, had requested a hit on her.

That was subsequently dismissed. They likewise investigated the likelihood that Chambers had found herself mixed up with issues with a neighborhood pack. In any case, gangsters have emerged to deny any cooperation and to communicate their feelings toward Chambers’ loved ones.

Was Quinton Tellis Found Guilty? In the end, the finger was put at Quentin Tellis, a gangster who had been with Chambers the night she was killed, as per telephone records.

In 2017, Tellis was placed being investigated. The protection said that on the grounds that Jessica Chambers expressed that the offense was committed by Eric or Derrick, Tellis could never have made it happen.

The arraignment answered that Chambers’ condition would have made it troublesome, on the off chance that certainly feasible, for him to talk. They additionally guaranteed that when Chambers died, Tellis deleted all of his correspondence with her.

The preliminary, as well as a second work to convict Tellis in 2018, brought about a hung jury. Notwithstanding, Tellis was blamed in 2019 for the irrelevant 2015 homicide of University of Louisiana-Monroe graduate understudy Meing-Chen Hsaio, as per Investigation Discovery.

Hsiao was a new alumni of the University of Louisiana Monroe when she was killed at a loft close to grounds. In February 2016, Tellis was recorded as the chief suspect for Hsiao’s situation, and a warrant for his capture was given in July 2016.

Tellis conceded in May 2016 to one count of unlawful utilization of Hsiao’s entrance (check) card. The supplication was recorded not long before a jury preliminary on the charge, as well as one count of ownership of a controlled perilous medication with purpose to disseminate.

Tellis was condemned to a decade in jail as an ongoing wrongdoer.

The Killing Of Jessica Chambers and Verdict Jessica Chambers experienced childhood in Courtland, Mississippi, across the road from her grandma, and directly down the road from her dad and stepmother. Her mom recently portrayed her as “90 pounds at best.”

Chambers, in the same way as other different teenagers, had a defiant streak and wasn’t reluctant to talk her considerations. She once went out for a really long time since she didn’t endorse Jessica’s association with her sweetheart.

In spite of its humble community status, Courtland, Mississippi and the encompassing locale have seen their portion of viciousness and destructive posses, and Chambers was no special case.

She’d likewise crossed paths with the specialists and sold opiates on occasion(Grunge). In any case, Jessica was all around respected and, apparently, popular with nearly everybody she knew, which made her homicide even more peculiar.

Upon the arrival of the homicide, Jessica ventured out from home at around 5 p.m. the evening of her homicide, illuminating her mom she was making a beeline for an adjoining corner store.

Chambers was spotted at the corner store, as per reconnaissance video (Acton News 5). The recording shows Chambers filling gas, then, at that point, strolling toward the corner shop, waving to somebody behind the scenes, and afterward moving toward them.

Lisa, Jessica’s mom, called to keep an eye on her after she had been away for two hours. She answered that she will be home right away.

Agents have spread out the principal hour after Chambers returned home, however a lot of that evening and what happened paving the way to Chambers’ passing is hazy.

The principal fire fighters on the site noticed Chambers’ vehicle ablaze and saw Chambers making a beeline for them, genuinely consumed. They really focused on her as quickly as they could and looked to get data from her.

Given her condition, she couldn’t talk plainly, however numerous specialists on call said subsequently that they accepted she named Eric or Derrick when asked who had attacked her.

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