Jackie Gonzaga Boyfriend Now? Age, Net Worth, Biography

Jackie Gonzaga Boyfriend Now

Where is Tom Doromal, Jackie Gyl Gonzaga Former Boyfriend? Jackie Gonzaga has also been in the headlines with controversies regarding her dating life.

Last year, when the latter sobbed on stage on ‘It’s Showtime,’ Tom and Jackie’s friendship created a stir.

Despite the fact that they are both celebrities today, this wonderful pair has managed to keep their romance under wraps by refusing to discuss it further in their individual media interviews. Furthermore, we seldom see them together on each other’s social media sites, since they appear to want to share less.

Many people assumed they had broken up, but Tom refuted this. She has also been in romances with other celebrities in the past.

Jackie Gonzaga of Its Showtime’s Ate Girl lashed back at netizens who detected malice in her TikTok video with lover Tom Doromal.

The duo was seen dancing inside a bedroom in the video, which prompted others to suspect they had other reasons to be in that room together.

The netizens’ verdict is based on Ate Girl’s recent speech on It’s Showtime, in which she claimed to be unmarried. She noted, however, that she is officially single based on her civil status because she is not yet married.

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Who is Jackie Gyl Gonzaga? Age Reavealed


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Jackie Gyl Gonzaga, better known as Jackie Gonzaga, is a Filipina dancer, actress, and TV personality who was born on October 31, 1994.

Moreover, she’s also a regular host of ABS-Showtime, CBN’s It’s a noontime variety show. She appears in various films, but most notably in Its Showtime. She was scheduled to appear on television.

Gonzaga joined Its Showtime as a dancer in 2015. Her hosting career began in 2018. She started her own YouTube channel in 2018.

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