Is Sheila Carter Really Leaving The Bold

Is Sheila Carter Really Leaving

What Happened To Kimberlin Brown & Where Is She Going? Kimberlin Brown who has been portraying Sheila has left Los Angeles, where she is filming the soap opera for mountainous Montana. However, neither the show nor the actress has commented anything about her departure.

According to her latest post on Instagram, she has received an Emmy nomination for her role on B&B. Followingly, she has also mentioned that she is planning to head back to LA soon.

During an appearance on the YouTube show Bold Live on April 8, she discussed the trip in detail. Brown informed Casey Kasprzyk, host and B&B Supervising Producer, that she is on a road trip.

Brown has been on the vacation since April 1. She has been traveling cross-country to pick up a boat in Minnesota.

Sheila Carter is a fictional character from the CBS network’s American soap operas The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful.

Sheila who is portrayed by Kimberlin Brown has appeared as a villain on the show. A significant portion of her history on both soaps revolves around her long-running conflict with Lauren Fenmore.

Moreover, she has also attempted to kill on multiple occasions. Sheila also has conflicts with Stephanie Forrester, Maggie Forrester, Amber Moore, Taylor Hayes, Brooke Logan, Phyllis Summers, Quinn Fuller, and Steffy Forrester.

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What Happened To Kimberlin Brown?

Kimberlin Brown has been on a long vacation since April 1. She has been sharing details of her road trip on her social media account.

On her way to get the boat, she stopped by a friend’s new ranch in Montanna. She also saw her son and daughter-in-new law’s home.

As of now, all of her friends, family, loved ones, and fans have been congratulating her on her Emmy Awards Nomination. Brown has played the notorious villain on and off since 1990 on both soap operas.

Looking at her latest social media activities, many fans assumed that she may be retiring from the soap opera after decades. However, there hasn’t been any official announcement, which hints she is appearing back on the screen.

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