Is She Dead? Actress’s Death Cause And Husband’s Update

Cherry Pie Picache: Is She Dead? Actress’s Death Cause And Husband’s Update

Famous Filipino actress Cherry Pie Picashe has recently been subject to death rumors, but no official confirmation has been made.

The actress has appeared in both mainstream and independent films as well as on television. Cherry has modeled for Eskinoi, Palmolive, and Camay in print and television commercials.

She is well recognized for playing antagonists such as the cunning and controlling Alberta Tuazan in Pangarap na Bituin, the wicked and avaricious Rose Ponce, Alicia’s cousin, in Hiram na Mukha, and Isadora, Victor Castellejobs’ s cruel and avaricious wife in Lisa Pa Lamang.

When the actress’s devoted mother, Zenaida Picache, was discovered dead in her Quezon City home on September 19, 2014, her entire world fell upside down. Here is all the information we have on the case.

Cherry Pie Picache: Is He Dead?

Cherry Pie Pichache, a stunning actress from the Philippines, is still alive and in good health.

The actress recently shared her sorrow for the untimely passing of Filipino actress Cherie Gill, who passed away on August 5, 2022, following a valiant fight with cancer. Cherry expressed her sorrow on her Twitter and Instagram accounts.

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Meet Antonio, Cherry Pie Picache’s child

Easy access to Cherry is provided via the verified Instagram account @yescppicache. She is fairly active on social media, and her 1,309 Instagram postings are fantastic. She also has a fan network of more than 242k followers.

She frequently posts on Instagram about her business and personal lives. Cherry is upbeat and enjoys having a good time with her loved ones. She frequently shares heartfelt pictures of herself with her loved ones.

Zenaida Picache, mother of Cherry Pie Picache

Zenaida Picache, the 75-year-old mother of Cherry Pie Picache, was discovered dead with multiple stab wounds at her Quezon City residence on September 19, 2014.

She was 75 years old and had been living by herself at her house in Quezon City. Michael Flores, who had assisted Zenaida for the previous six months, was detained by authorities after two weeks had passed. Later, he admitted to murdering the woman during an attempted robbery.

In December 2015, the Quezon City Regional Trial Court declared Michael guilty of robbery with homicide. For his crimes, the defendant was given a 40-year prison term. The group acknowledged stabbing Zenaida with a piece of wood and a kitchen knife.

Additionally, he admitted that he and two other associates committed the crime while he and “shabu,” or methamphetamine hydrochloride, were intoxicated. Michael used a screwdriver to force his way inside Zenaida’s home.

The prisoner then stole money and jewels, but when Zenaide learned what was happening, she awoke and cried out for assistance. Michael stabbed her at that precise moment with a kitchen knife and piece of wood.

Husband of Cherry Pie Picache:

Cherry Pie Picache, who was formerly married to Enrique Tia, is in a loving relationship with her current partner, Edu Manzano.

After a few years, the couple broke up for unknown reasons. Anton Tria was a devoted son of Cherry and Enrique. However, the actress has been able to maintain a low profile with reference to her personal life.

Picache frequently talks about how she and Manzano, another actor, began dating after a month of him confirming their relationship. She said that their relationship started while filming “Marry Me, Marry You.”

Edu is another well-known American-born Filipino actor, politician, comedian, and television personality. Both have a 15-year age difference; the actor was born on September 14, 1995, and is now sixty; the actress was born on May 27, 1970, and is currently fifty-two.

The actress also appreciates how her partner introduced himself to her family, particularly her kid. The couple also disclosed that, despite ceasing to pursue a relationship at the time they started dating 20 years ago, they never drifted apart.

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