Is Shawn Killinger QVC Pregnant? Husband Joseph Carretta and Baby, Net Worth in 2022

Many fans are scratching their heads as they are baffled if QVC host Shawn Killinger is pregnant or not. What is the truth? Here we’ve got the answers just for you. 

Shawn Killinger is a veteran QVC host and prominent American journalist who has racked up millions of adherents on social media platforms. 

Moreover, Shawn was hired by QVC as a beauty and fashion host in 2007. She has been on the QVC platform as a live show host and reporter for more than a decade.

Talking about Shawn’s early days, Shawn previously worked as a junior assistant on the Evening News with Dan Rather, The Late Night Show with David Letterman, and 60 Minutes for CBS.

Also, Shawn was appointed as a morning reporter and noon anchor by WRGB TV based in Albany, NY. An impressive resume of her past experiences and educational details are available on her official LinkedIn profile.  

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Is QVC Host Shawn Killinger Pregnant?

Live show host of QVC Shawn Killinger is certainly not pregnant. In 2014, Shawn suffered a miscarriage with her five-month-old baby, which she documented on social media.

Afterward, we never heard regarding her pregnancy since then. Whatsoever, Shawn is the mother of three legal children. She adopted an infant baby girl named Jagger in 2017.

Also, Shawn is the stepmom of Joe’s two sons. She always adores them and was the best mom ever. 

Regardless, Shawn’s tremendous success in this journalism field began when she appeared in the reality TV game show, The Apprentice: Martha Stewart, which aired on the NBC network. 

Shawn Killinger’s Husband And Baby Father Is Joseph Joe Carreta

Shawn Killinger and her husband, Joseph Joe Carreta, tied the knot in April 2013. Did you know? They first met through a dating site app called eHarmony. They got connected soon and later got hitched. 

However, the couple now blissfully resides in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

Moving on to her family details, Shawn’s parents live a private life away from the media controversies.

Her father, David Killinger Sr., served in the Ford Labor Unions, due to which they had to move to Mexico and lived there for four years, while her mother’s name is Loandra Killinger. 

Shawn Killinger Net Worth In 2022 Explained

Shawn Killinger’s net worth is roughly expected around $1 million. She has earned a hefty income from her journalism profession. Every year, her income increases, including bonuses and other additional benefits. 

The 49-year-old talented journalist Shawn was born on 2 November 1972 in Detroit, Michigan. Hence, her nationality is American.

Although Shawn has no profile on Wikipedia, she has earned massive recognition in the world of journalism.

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