Is Pierre Gasly Dating Katerina Berezhna? Meet Pierre Gasly Girlfriend

Gasly Is A Star Racer And Is One Of The Biggest Names In The Present

There are rumors on the internet about the breakup of the F1 racer Pierre Gasly with his girlfriend Katerina Berezhna. However, this has not been confirmed yet and is only a rumor as of now.

Let’s find out more about the star racer and his love life.

No one can deny the fact that Gasly is a star racer and is one of the biggest names in the present F1 scene. He made his Formula One debut in 2017 at Malaysian Grand Prix from Toro Rosso.

Currently, he races for his own country France. He is the youngest among his siblings and has been racing since childhood. It can be said that he has racing in his blood as his grandfather also competed in karting.

Did Pierre Gasly Girlfriend Break Up?


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It has been rumored that Gasly has broken up with his long-time girlfriend Katerina. Nonetheless, the couple has not spoken about this, so it is still a rumor floating on the internet. People will have to wait for the official announcement of their breakup.

Their relationship came into the public eye because the picture of them together was shared on social media platforms. Gasly has also posted on Instagram his picture with her at Christmas.

In the past, it was reported that Cate Masetti Zannini was in a relationship with Gasly and they later broke up in 2020, as reported by

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Katerina Berezhna Age


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Katerine’s age is 23, born on September 18, 1998. It has been reported that she was born in Ukraine. She is a model and a social media influencer in her profession.

Various sources have claimed that she is half Greek and has been living in Dubai. She was also rumored to have dated Lando Norris. People often follow her on social media platforms to get fashion and style advice.

It has been reported that she owns Imerelli Jewelry, as per the report on Wiki. Her Jewelry sells uniquely handcrafted various ornaments that are popular among young people.

 Katerina Berezhna Bio

She is also very active in philanthropy work.

If someone wants to find out updates about her life and what she is up to, they can simply follow her on Instagram. She posts her various life events and things she engaged in.

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