Is Meg Lanning Married? Her Husband, Family, Biography, Age, Details

Who Are Meg Lanning?

Meg Lanning is the captain of the women’s national team.

Meg has represented her country and is proudly a member of five world championship campaigns. She, along with her team, has won one Women’s Cricket Worldcup.

She is also the owner of four ICC Women’s World Twenty20 Titles. 

Her fans and her country are very proud of what she has achieved for the nation and also for herself. 

Meg Lanning seems to be a very private person in the case of her relationships, due to which people are referring to her as gay.

Is Meg Lanning Married?


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Lanning had an affair with James Considine earlier, but he might not be her husband as it is still unconfirmed.

She was seen attending the red carpet with James Considine along with a few other international games.

The rumors of Lanning being in a relationship started spreading as soon as her red carpet image with James aired on the internet.

Despite all the rumors, Lanning never spoke about her relationship in public nor confirmed it.

It is often seen that celebrities are tagged along with different people.

They are also given various tags referring to their sexuality just because he doesn’t want to define their relationship.

So, as of now, she must be single and is focusing on her professional life.

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People started speculating Meg Lanning to be gay after watching her match with England.

Meg was just playing her game wholeheartedly and happily with her fellow cricketers.

Her small gestures and behaviors towards other contestants made people think that she likes one of the cricketers.  

But these are just assumptions of people, and even her social media handles show that she is not in any kind of relationship and is focusing on her professional life.

Meg Lanning Family

The full name of Meg Lanning is Meghann Moira Lanning, and her family includes her parents, Wayne and Sue. 

She was born in Singapore and grew up in Australia with her parents and siblings.

Meg has seven members in her family; her parents, two brothers, Jeff and Phill, an older sister Gemma and younger sister Anna.

Tho Lanning has not disclosed much about her family, and we believe that she is the fourth child out of five.

What Is Meg Lanning Net Worth?

Meg Lanning has an estimated net worth of around $1 million to $5 million. She earns a huge sum of money from her professional cricket career.

She is a professional cricketer, due to which her earnings might fluctuate every now and then, but it is for sure that she earns no less than one million dollars.

Also, reports say that an international cricketer from Australia now has an average salary of up to $94,000.

Apart from cricket, Lanning earns money from brand endorsement and sponsorships.

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