Is Maureen Dean Still Alive? Meet Her Children And Family

Maureen Dean Is Best Known For Her Relationship With Former Attorney John Dean

Maureen Dean is still alive, living off her old age. People raised their curiosity about her with the premiere of the Gaslit episode. 

Maureen Dean is best known for her relationship with former attorney John Dean. She has become the highlighted point in the public with the release of the most awaited political TV series, Gaslit. 

An American political thriller series is all about the Watergate Scandal in the USA, which led to Nixon’s quitting. With the series’ first episodes, people have fancied the character Dean, portrayed by Betty Gilpin. 

The viewers have now shown their interest in Dean’s personal life and wanted to know updates in 2022.

Is Maureen Dean Still Alive? 

Yes, Maureen Dean is still alive. Born in 1945, she has reached 76-years of age and will soon be 77-years on her upcoming birthday on 10 October. 

She is best known for her marital relationship with John Dean, a former attorney who worked under the 37th President Richard Nixon in the White House. The couple tied their knot with each other in 1972. 

At the time of the Watergate Scandal, Maureen gained the public light for her calmness during the hearings. However, the recent series Gaslit has allured viewers’ towards her and her lively nature.

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John Dean’s Wife Maureen Dean Whereabouts 

John Dean’s wife, Maureen Dean, is currently spending her old age with her family in 2022. She previously released her book named “Mo: A Woman’s View of Watergate,” which took over the market. 

She is still together with her husband, John, and has not divorced yet. Also, as mentioned by The Cinemaholic, they live in Los Angeles, California. 

Also, Maureen has work experience serving as a stockbroker and writing a book.  

What happened To Maureen Dean? 

After her husband, John Dean, went to prison, Maureen looked after the family finances and took a successful turn in her life. 

While her spouse was serving his four years and six months in jail, she started her own business in the stock brokerage and handled it. Dean calmly dealt with the situation and the scandal at the time.  

Meet Maureen Dean’s Children And family Amid The Watergate scandal

Maureen Dean and her husband John do not share any children. However, her spouse has a son from his former marriage with Ann Hennings. 

The Watergate Scandal in the 1970s brought the Dean family into the highlight. John got fired by former president Nixon; meanwhile, the public fixed their eye on his wife. 

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