Is LeAnn Rimes Still Married To Eddie Cibrian? Her Children And family

Children And Friend Roger – How Old Is Her Husband?

Let’s find out more about the actress cum singer life.

Rimes rose to prominence as a country singer at the age of 13 years old, which is an indication of the fact that she was in the entertainment industry from a young age. As she grew up, she expanded her horizon and became an actress.

As of now, her song is not restricted to the country music genre but has expanded into multiple genres and is known for pop, contemporary, and other. It was her parents’ encouragement that came after realizing her talent very early.

Is LeAnn Rimes Still Married To Husband Eddie Cibrian?


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Many people wonder whether LeAnn and Eddie are together; they are still together and seem like happy than they ever have been. Just four days ago, the couple celebrated their 11th anniversary of marriage.

Both of them shared a long beautiful caption with pictures and videos of them together with their family on their Instagram accounts. Many people wished them congratulation to them and wished all happiness.

Their love started as an extramarital affair as Eddie was married to Brandi Glanville back then. This relationship ended Eddie married and LeAnn and he has been together since then. They married in 2011.

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LeAnn Rimes Children


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LeAnn does not have any kids as of now; however, she has two stepsons from Eddie’s early marriage. Her stepsons’ names are Mason, 17, and Jake, 13. She seems to be close with them.

They can be seen together with her and their father having good times at various functions. The couple’s fans enjoy seeing the family together and are always overwhelmed by positive comments.

The couple has been together for more than a decade and still, there are no controversies surrounding their relationship, so it can be said that they are in a great place right now and are enjoying each other companionship.

Rimes Friend Roger Info

Rimes’s friend, Roger has been an important part of her life. She has said that he was the one who helped in her dark times and in a way saved her life, as per the news published by Daily Mail.

It has been reported that Roger is into boxing or making jewelry and he is the owner of Mantis7, a jewelry company based in Los Angeles. She is very close to Roger and refers to him as the second dad.

Seeing all her comments about Roger, it can be said that he has a huge impact on her life and is a good friend.



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