Is Laura Pregnant? All details

What Happened To Her? Ending Explained

The recent episode of 365 days 2 has left many viewers knowing about their favorite cast Laura who seems to be pregnant. Here’s what we know about her.

The long-awaited 365 Days sequel has finally arrived on Netflix, and we can watch it on the streaming platform. Besides, different casts have been admired by many people, and one of them is Laura. The character is now his Mob wife and a powerful figure in her own right.The new film sees her toiling to acclimate to this new position quo and becoming involved with Massimo’s handsome gardener. . The multitalented Sieklucka; she is also a singer and dancer. And after people watched the latest episode of this show, they got shocked when Laura revealed that she was pregnant. So, the 365 days 2 fans want to know more about this topic.

Laura Revealed She Is Pregnant

At the end of the first movie, the character Laura announced that she was pregnant but had yet to tell Massimo. Early in 365 Days: This Day, she and Olga talk about how she lost the baby during the assassination attempt. So, Olga rouses Laura to tell Massimo the fact since it’s never a good idea to keep dark mysteries from your partner. Not only does Massimo not know that Laura was pregnant, but he also doesn’t know she lost the baby. Furthermore, Laura is curious that if she tells him, it will make things much worse as he’ll become even more hellbent on vengeance and begin an all-out war with the rival mafia. Considering all these facts, we can now say that Laura is pregnant. And we will update you with more information in the future.

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What Happened To Laura?

As mentioned above, suffered some tragic phases in the movie. She almost died, and somehow she lost the baby. Apart from that, there is very little info about what happened to Laura. Besides that, Laura and Olga both survived the tunnel assassination attempt. 

The movie begins with Massimo and Laura finally exchanging the wedding vows and enjoying the honeymoon phase of wedded happiness. Not to mention, Olga and Domenico get engaged at Christmas and appear happy together, further emphasizing the depth between Laura and Massimo. 

365 Days 2 Ending Explained: Laura & Massimo Relationship Timeline

We’ve already said that Laura revealed her pregnancy at the end of the movie. But people are concerned to know if she is dead or not. The good news is that she is most likely not dead. There is one more book in Blanka Lipinska’s trilogy called Another 365 Days, and Laura is still the book’s major character. The third film has been reportedly shot simultaneously with the second one, so it’s safe to speculate that we will see Laura surviving her wounds. 

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