Is Justin Strydom Married? His About Know Personal Life, Age And Net Worth

The Actor From Silverton Siege

Justin Strydom is a popular actor from the series Silverton Siege. Here are all the details about his Wikipedia and his wife.

Justin Strydom is an actor and producer.

He is one of the newest members of the entertainment industry.

Yet, despite that, he has been one of the most notable actors and has also produced some series and movies.

Justin is most popularly known for District 9 (2009), Dust (2020), and The Mating Game (2010).

Who Is Justin Strydom From Silverton Siege?

Justin Strydom is a South African actor, producer, writer, and voice artist who plays a major character in Silverton Siege.

The series follows three young freedom fighters who seek refuge in Silverton’s South African bank.

They exchanged Nelson Mandela for the bank and its customer.

From 2004 to 2007, he was best known for his role as Captain Leon Cutts on the M-Net television drama series Snitch.

Strydom studied acting at the Pretoria Technikon and is now the drama department head at the AFDA School of Motion Picture.

He served in the military as a lieutenant, specializing in anti-tank and small arms weapons.

Latin and ballroom dancing, horseback riding, motorcycles, quad bikes, boxing, Shotokan (unarmed defense), military special weapons, MC, and onscreen coach are all special skills.

He has appeared in several feature films, including Sibahle, Stander, Scarred Instinct, and Angela and Boereoorloe. He has appeared on a variety of television shows.

With Geoff Newton and Sibusiso Mambo, he co-owns the production company Shooting the Moon, which produced Innocent Times.

His extensive and successful career has established him as one of the most dedicated men in the industry, and his work is well known by all.

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Does Justin Strydom Have A Wife?

According to one of the Facebook posts, Justin Strydom is married to his wife Menke

For now, they’re only this little piece of information about Justin, as he is one of the most private people on social media.

He is not very much open to the media and camera, as he is only focused on his work.

Justin has however revealed a lot about his professional work, and his works are most notable to many.

But for now, he is married to a woman named Menke, and might even have children, but nothing much is known about his personal life.

Justin Strydom Net Worth

Talking about Justin Strydom’s net worth, it is expected to be around $1 million. 

Yet, for now, there is no exact confirmation about his net worth, as he is a person who has a vast range of occupations. 

He has been all over the works from being a lieutenant to an actor-producer and vocal artist. 

So for now, he is estimated to be a millionaire at least, as he has many sources of earning as of now. 

Meet Justin Strydom On Instagram

Justin Strydom does have an Instagram account, but it is a private one.

Also talking about other social media, he is not seen on any other social media for now.

Talking about where he is actually from, he is from South Africa.

Other than his country, there is not much known about his exact city or his ethnicity.

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