Is Evan Neumann Wife In Belarus? About Details

Evan Neumann, The FBI’s Most-Wanted Person Has Escaped To Belarus

Netizens are wondering if Refugee: Evan Neumann’s wife is in Belarus with him or otherwise. Continue reading the article to learn more about the case.

Evan Neumann, the FBI’s most-wanted person has escaped to Belarus. According to Belarusian state-owned television BelTA, the state provided him with refugee status.

BelTA stated on social media that Neumann was compelled to leave the United States due to “politically driven allegations.”The news also shared photos of Neumann shaking hands with a government official and carrying his new travel permits

Is Evan Neumann’s Wife In Belarus?

Refugee, Evan Neumann’s wife is suspected to be not in Belarus. As stated in his interview, he expressed a wish to bring his wife with him if she so chose. This indicates she is not with him.

She may be in the United States, from where Evan has fled, or in any other nation about which we have no knowledge.

On a state Tv, Evan explained, “I’ve started a life here.” He went on to say that he had intentions to “bring my family here,” but that the final choice would be up to his wife.

There is no information revealed about her wife and family though he is expected to have two children.

Neumann has previously given over the official paperwork in the Department of Citizenship and Migration papers of the Brest Regional Executive Committee’s Internal Affairs Directorate.

If there are no issues with his wife’s migration, he may take her to Belarus. But we are not conscious of their decision; it is, after all, his choice. She is also responsible for her children who are in school.

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Evan Neumann Capitol Riot Suspect Wiki

Evan Neumann is one of more than 650 persons accused in connection with their conduct on January 6. Though he does not have a Wikipedia profile at the moment, he will provide you with detailed information about him. 

He is a California resident, who traveled to Europe after being charged in connection with January 6, 2021, attack on the US Capitol.

He was indicted in July on six different felony offenses, including trespassing and disorderly behavior on Capitol grounds. Furthermore, he was charged with assaulting, resisting, and obstructing law officers during the Capitol Hill protest.

Neumann first resided in Ukraine after selling his house and fleeing the country as he claimed in a November interview. But he stated that he fled to Belarus on foot after detecting Ukrainian investigators were tailing him.

“Today I have mixed thoughts,” Neumann said in an interview with BelTA on Tuesday. “I’m grateful Belarus took care of me. I’m disappointed to be in a situation where I’m having troubles in my own nation.”

Mr. Neumann denied the claims against him in an interview with Belarusian state television in November. “I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong,” he added. “One of the charges was very distressing. It is claimed that I struck a police officer. That is untrue.”

However, he is still on the FBI’s list of wanted people. 

Evan Neumann Is A Criminal In Capital Riot Who Fled To Ukraine

Evan Neumann, a criminal in the capital Ripot first fled to Ukraine after he was listed as most wanted by the FBI. However, after he realized he was being watched in the country he fled to Belarus on foot in August. 

Belarus and the United States do not have an extradition pact. It may be the reason he chooses Belarus as a refugee country. 

And in his favor, the country also granted him a permit to stay as a refugee. 

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