Is Chase Atlantic Racist? Problematic Behavior Of The Band In Display As Scandal

Is Chase Atlantic Racist?

There are no facts on the internet claiming Chase Atlantic is racist. However, a user on Reddit said a year ago that Clinton had been revealed as racist and having conversations with underage girls.

Besides, these might be rumors, as no evidence or reliable information on the issue has been provided in the web media.

Moreover, the account indicated that screenshots were being circulated in the Twitter thread but that they were afterward removed.

Amid this, in the following group, Mitchel Cave is the main vocalist, Christian Anthony is the bass guitarist and vocalist, Clinton Cave is the lead guitarist, saxophonist, and supporting vocalist, Patrick Wilde is the touring guitarist, and Jesse Boyle is the touring drummer.

Chase Atlantic Problematic Behavior Amid Scandal: What Did They Say?


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Many social media users, according to reports, have labeled Chase Atlantic as problematic. Conversely, there has been an online scandal involving the band.

According to, when band member Clinton Cave was contacted by fans, he disregarded them and attempted to remove the evidence. Clinton is said to have been captured chatting to and manipulating an underage girl.

CA stans bullied a victim who came forward, forcing her to deactivate. Similarly, the user shared several screenshots; however, the photos are unavailable.

Apart from that, no more information is known at writing.

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The majority of their Instagram posts include the trio’s musical albums and portraits.

No albums have been issued since their 2021 album Beauty in Death, released on March 5th.

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