Is Ava Maybee A Guy? Know About His Real Name

Ava Maybee Is An Singer

Is Ava Maybee a guy? Fans search for her real name as the rumors of her gender and sexuality spread on the internet.

Ava Maybee is an American singer who is currently participating in the American Idol 2022.

After singing Sign of the Times by Harry Styles in the Top 14, the singer has managed to make a place for herself in the top 11.

She got enough votes to book a place in the next round as her popularity among the crowd kept on increasing.

However, Maybee has always been speculated about her gender and sexuality for her voice since the beginning.

Even to this date, many people wonder if she is a guy, and they are searching about her transition.

Continue reading as we uncover the truth below.

Is Ava Maybee A Guy? Gender


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No, Ava Maybee from American Idol is not a guy, and she has always been clear about her gender as a female.

Although the lady has not particularly responded to the internet talks, it seems pretty clear when you take a deeper look at her profile and background.

The rumors regarding her gender seem to have started due to her voice which is a bit broad and deep.

However, Ava clearly mentioned having a different voice since her childhood days in her audition round.

The judges also said that the people would have issues accepting such a sound, but her same voice has brought the singer this far.

Hence, Maybee is not a guy and is a female by gender.

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What Is Ava Maybee Real Name?


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Ava Maybee’s real name is Ava Maybee Cardoso Smith.

Rather than her real name, it is her full name as Ava Maybee is a short form of her actual name.

She is the eldest daughter of the American musician and drummer of the band Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Chad Smith.

Ava Maybee Transition

There is no transition of Ava Maybee as she has been the same since the beginning.

There is no specific change in the character and style of the singer. So, we are unable to provide an insight into any evolution.

People are searching for the transition related to her gender, but she is and has been female from birth.

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