Is Arielle Charnas Anorexic? What We Know About The Influencer’s Eating Disorder Claims

American fashion blogger Arielle Charnas seems to have an eating disorder, but she has not openly talked about the topic as she did not want to be a trigger for anyone who suffers from anorexia.

Arielle Charnas is an American fashion blogger and influencer born on June 13, 1987, in Old Westbury, New York. At the age of twenty-two years old, she launched a blog called Something Navy; there, on her blog, she talked about her style and insights on fashion. 

The social media influencer has maintained a fantastic body in which she has always been confident and optimistic. She often posts stunning pictures of herself in her awesome figure maintained through workouts and a healthy diet.

The speculation about her suffering from anorexia -an eating disorder and serious mental health condition, comes from the fact that people who have anorexia try to keep their weight as low as possible by not eating enough food or exercising too much, or both.

Arielle Charnas, Her Husband Brandon And Their 3 Daughter Robbie Lou, Esme And Navy
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Arielle is a mother to her three children, and the youngest was born last year on June 2, 2021. Now, after one year of her youngest childbirth, she seems to be too thin for a mother after only a year of childbirth, causing the fans to assume that she suffers from an eating disorder and mental health condition.

However, looking at her body and considering the fact that she was on maternity not long ago, it’s hard to believe that she does not have insecurities about being fat. For this reason, fans believe that she is anorexic, but she has not said anything official to clear up this confusion.

Recent Weight Loss Of The Influencer Arielle Charnas

Arielle married her love of life, Brandon Charnas, and fulfilled their vows on Fisher Island, Florida, in 2014. Her husband went to the University of Pennsylvania to study legal education as he wanted to pursue his career as a lawyer. He also received a degree from Benjamin N. Cardoso Law at Yeshiva University; apart from his career as a lawyer, he is also a real state agent.

Arielle Charnas: Weight Loss After Pregnancy
Arielle Charnas: Weight Loss After Pregnancy
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Despite her recent maternity, she has managed to maintain a great body that she keeps in shape by working out and eating well. She has always been confident and happy about the body she has attained, and she often posts gorgeous pictures of herself on her social media.

Charnas has three beautiful daughters: Ruby Lou, the oldest born on 2016, and Esme Rae, the middle child born on 2018. The youngest daughter of Arielle was born in 2021.

The couple always has a great time on their children’s birthday and also on their anniversary and posts about it on their social media accounts. Her husband Branson maintains a verified Instagram account under the name @brandoncharnas, where he has made about twelve hundred posts about his life and has about a hundred thousand followers.

Her daughter Ruby and Esme are already into the fashion game, flaunting their outfits like their mother. The children have also posed for a few brands, which can be seen on their mother’s verified Instagram profile under the name @ariellecharnas, where she has made more than eight thousand posts about her lifestyle and has more than one million followers.

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